How to open or start an F&B Business in Dubai?

Are you an owner of a restaurant and want to expand your business chain of restaurants worldwide? Do you want to expand your business in Dubai? Then it’s the right time to get into it and starting a food and beverage business in Dubai.

The restaurant and food market of Dubai is the best market where you can start your business with the hope of earning loads of profits. Because the market of Dubai has seen an upsurge in its food and beverages sector for the last ten years.

Dubai is one of those cities with the largest number of tourists increasing every day. As of now, this city holds a number of around 4.7 million tourists in a year. But like every other city in the world, this city also has its own rules and requirement for opening a food and beverage business, so before starting a food and beverage business, you must know about all the rules and requirements needed for setting up a company in Dubai. And you should always keep in mind the norms you need to follow while trading in food items, items like fruits and vegetables. While you serve any international or local cuisine with a variety of flavors to your customers

Rules And Requirements:

These are the rules and requirements you need to follow for Dubai’s proper food and beverages business.

Obtain A License For Starting Food & Beverage Business:

The first and the most important thing while opening a food and beverage business is to get a license. There are two kinds of licenses in Dubai one is the trade license, and another is the food license.

A trade license requires when you are looking for a mainland company setup in Dubai. This trade license for opening a restaurant is provided by the department of tourism and commerce marketing Dubai. While obtaining this license, we must mention the kind of restaurant we are opening, whether it is a bar or a café.

Before obtaining the trade license, we must select a trading name. Before selecting a trading name, we must keep in mind that the trade name we are selecting should meet the requirements of UAE’s strict set of rules. The name should not contain any offensive language or words not to become a hurdle while starting an f&b business.

  • Obtaining a No objection Certificate:

The second most important thing before opening a food and beverage business in Dubai is to obtain a no-objection certificate for the business that we will be operating and the trading of food that we will be doing. To obtain a no-objection certificate, all we need to do is submit our identity card and an active trade license to the food and safety department in Dubai. Then after submitting these credentials, the no-objection certificate delivers within two working days.

  • Contacting Wholesalers:

It is very necessary to have a good relationship and good contact with the wholesalers of fruits and vegetables in Dubai while starting an f&b business. Because the most essential thing while opening a business is knowing how to trade in vegetables and foods with a good price rate. We have to make sure that the items which we are importing must be fresh and free of germs and pollutants. We should always deal with all the prominent wholesalers and importers in Dubai.

  • Contacting Fruit and Vegetable Trading Companies In Dubai:

As we know that Dubai has a very huge market for both vegetables and fruits, and the domestic production of fruits and vegetables in Dubai is very less. So there are various big and reputed companies working there to meet the ends of fruits and vegetables. To have a proper supply of these items and successfully run your food and beverage business in Dubai.  You have to deal with the fruits and vegetables trading companies in Dubai.

  • Architectural Regulations:

We need to keep some architectural regulations in mind before opening and food and beverage business in Dubai. For this, the business owners require to submit a blueprint of their restaurant to the relevant authorities. To show that the restaurant’s design is proper and is according to the architectural regulations.

Guidelines of the architectural regulations are listed below:

-the area of the kitchen should be at least 380 to 300 square feet in size or should cover at least 40% of the area of the restaurant.

-the restaurant should have a good ventilation system. Which should contain an in-built chimney which should be 2 meters higher than the nearest building.

-the floor and the walls of the restaurant should be washable, fireproof, and non-absorbent.

-the restaurant should contain a separate storage facility for various food items.

-the drainage pipe of the restaurant should be at least two inches away from the wall.

  • Food Code:

Before starting a food and beverage business in Dubai, we also need to keep in mind the food code regulations, which are published by the municipality’s food and safety department in Dubai. The food code is a comprehensive document produced to assist the person in charge of food establishments.

The food code helps assist the person in charge with the information and requirements they need to follow to maintain the safety and hygiene of food.

  • Food Safety Measures:

Some specific requirements apply to the vehicles of all the food and beverage businesses. They should strictly follow the regulations for proper delivery and storage of eatables to avoid contamination.

  • Pork Products:

For the customers who want to have pork products. There must be a separate place for them in the restaurant which is properly outfitted for handling and serving all the pork products.

  • Non-halal food, pork, or alcoholic products:

As Dubai is a country with more rules and regulations, so the use of non-halal food, pork, and alcoholic products restrict and there is a separate rule and regulation for serving these items in the restaurant. And these food items must clearly mention in the restaurant menu.

These were the rules and requirements that we need to follow before setting up the food and beverage business in Dubai. Once we are done with all these rules and requirements we can run a food and beverage with ease.

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