Business Setup in Saudi Arabia


For business setup in Saudi Arabia, Business Link has the experience and ability to exhort clients on the reasonable organization type considering the traditions that must be adhered to and the exceptional client’s needs.

We have the experience of having taken care of various ventures and topographies over the world.

To deal with an organization’s tasks we need funds and the lawful system requires.

We will instruct on the rate regarding shareholding considered outsiders, the rights which go with that rate, and other such business matters.

Business Link UAE has been working in GCC for more than 10 years.

With an association in Saudi Arabia, Business Link UAE is nearer to the client with a superior comprehension of Saudi Arabia Company Laws and Practices.

Licensing for Saudi Arabia (KSA) Company Formation

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA/MISA) is the license provider for foreign investment company registration.

Foreign Investment During Business Setup in Saudi Arabia (KSA Company Setup)

100% foreign investment allows in all service sectors. But, trading and retail activities are only for Saudi Nationals.

Types of Tax on Company Formation in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

  • Service Company Tax – 20%
  • Local Saudi Companies Tax – 2%

Accounting and Tax

According to shareholder companies and their structures, there are three types of taxes that apply

1. Corporate Tax:

All registered entities and branches are considered under foreign ownership.

2. Withholding Tax:

This tax is applied to those entities which are making income from non-residence businesses like rent, royalties, and management fees.

3. Zakat Tax:

Local Saudi investors and company shareholders are charged under this tax up to 2% and non-Saudis are charged under corporate tax which is 20%.

In some cases, where the company is owned by Saudi and Non-Saudi, in that case, the income tax of non-Saudis consider under the corporate tax, and Saudi shares and other tax charges go under Zakat.

Some Basic Registrations for Company Setup in Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority License
  • Incubation Letter for Subsidized Licensing Fee
  • Articles Of Association (AOA)
  • Commercial Registration
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration

Additional Licenses You May Need

  • Register with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD)
  • To Register with the General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI)
  • Registration with the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT)
  • Required Registration of Local Address (Wasel)
  • Issuance of General Manager Visa

Business Link UAE is the best place for company formation in Saudi Arabia because they provide you with all, which you need and guide you from initial steps to final setup.