Spouse Visa in Dubai

Introduction to Spouse Residence Visa in Dubai

UAE is an ideal country to live and raise a family. From world-class healthcare facilities, top-range accommodation, and quality universities to recreation and entertainment Dubai have it all. There are hundreds of multinational companies and thousands of local companies providing valuable job opportunities. Skilled candidates are sure to find their calling in this country with little effort. If you are a working professional in Dubai look forth to bringing your husband or wife here. Business Link UAE consultancy will help you make your dream come true. Here is how you can sponsor a visa for your spouse in Dubai;

Spouse Visa Sponsorship Eligibility in Dubai

The husband can sponsor a visa for his wife if he meets the minimum stipulated salary as laid down by the laws of the land. The husband has to earn a minimum of AED 3000 with accommodation or AED 4000 without accommodation in Dubai. Then he can apply for a wife visa in Dubai. If it is the wife who is sponsoring the husband she must belong to one of the two categories. As per the law which has two different salary brackets. If the wife is a teacher, medical professional, or engineer. She belongs to the basic category and she may sponsor a visa for her husband with a salary of 3000 with accommodation or 4000 without accommodation.

In this case, she is eligible for applying for a husband’s visa in Dubai. On the other hand, if her job falls in the other category the minimum salary limit goes up to 8000. The other processes remain the same as a basic category. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA or DNRD). It will verify and cross-check these conditions before the request process.

Paperwork needs to submit for Processing Spouse Visa in Dubai

Other than the passport copies, photographs, salary certificates, and visa copies there are a few other main documents that will have to sort out. A marriage certificate has to attest by the UAE authorities regardless of the place of marriage. The candidate will have to submit an attested tenancy contract in the applicant’s name and his labor card for sponsoring a family visa in Dubai, UAE. Medical examination reports from authorizing centers. Have to avail and submit for the spouse and children over fifteen years. Women who fall in the ‘other’ category planning to sponsor husbands will also need approval from GDRFA.

What is the Process of Sponsoring a Spouse Residence Visa in Dubai?

The candidate can begin the process by contacting a legal consultancy in Dubai like us for getting all the application forms typed out. Once the forms are ready we will submit them to relevant authorities and the GDRFA to get the approval for the visa. Medical examination will be due after this which has to be completed before the last date and the report to be submitted to finally get the Dubai residence visa. The length of the procedure will differ. If the spouse is not present in the country at the time of application. If the spouse is present at the time of application. He/She will not need to go out of the country for the process anymore.

Business Link UAE makes the Process Easy

Getting in touch with a consultancy like Business Link UAE will ensure that all the processes are completed in the proper manner leading to fast results with minimum effort. The client will get every guidance in the process of getting a spouse UAE residence visa from our team of experts and will not have to worry about any setback in bringing their family to Dubai.

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