Company Formation in Sharjah Publishing City(SPC) Freezone

Sharjah Publishing City free zone is one of the leading free zones in the UAE. The headquarters for the same is located at Al Zahia, Sharjah. No matter what your business activity is, SPC Freezone company formation in UAEcan fit all your requirements.

The best part of SPC is that you can conduct a wide range of business activities here such as trading, consultancy, and IT. However, you need to get a valid license for the same. The business units are available for lease here. The strategic location and captivating beauty have played an important role in making SPC free zone one of the most popular ones.

Company Formation in SPC Freezone

In the Sharjah Emirates, SPC free zone is the latest free zone. Starting your company in the SPC-free zone is completely hassle-free. One of the most important things to note is that you can streamline the entire business activity in this region. Foreign investors can easily get the license with the in-house immigration process. Business Link UAE can assist you in the entire process of company formation in the SPC-free zone.

Comparatively, this is one of the most affordable free zones in Dubai. It offers competitive benefits with the top-infrastructural facility. Entrepreneurs can easily establish their business in this region to speed up the business activity. As a result, the destination is perfect for entrepreneurs and startups because the business cost is pretty low. Furthermore, the business registration process is pretty easy. Business Link UAE takes pride in helping entrepreneurs and startups scale their business operations.

What are the types of companies to establish in the SPC Free zone?

If you want to establish a company in the SPC-free zone, you should consider understanding the different company structures. Some of the prominent types of company structures valid for operation in the SPC free zone include the following:

  • Free zone company: This type of company structure can have up to 7 shareholders. This is valid for corporate and individual entities.
  • Free Zone Establishment: Unlike the previous company structure, this type of company structure can have a single shareholder. It will be valid for corporate and individual entities.
  • Branch Office: Foreign Investors can start their local branch office in the SPC-free zone. However, they can also set up a branch of a foreign company in Dubai.

What are the types of business licensed in the SPC-free zone?

Investors can conduct their business in the SPC-free zone only if they have a valid license. Conducting business without a license is considered to be illegal. Business Link UAE can assist you with the documentation procedure to help you establish a business in the SPC-free zone.

Therefore, the different types of licensed investors can choose from in the SPC free zone include the following:

You can convert all business activities in the SPC Freezone

The Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone is free, conducting a wide range of businesses. As a result, investors can get a stamp on their passports. The immigration procedure in SPC is referred to as the Free Zone. Therefore, the entire procedure will take around 7 working days. Within these days the investor can complete the Residency stamping and Company Incorporation Procedure.

The SPC free zone is one of the leading free zones that meet the requirements of all investors. The free zone provides the benefit of infrastructure and allows businesses to conduct business activities in a comfortable environment. Not only can the investors increase their return on investment but will also contribute to the UAE economy’s growth.

Apart from warehouses, furnished and unfurnished office spaces are available in this region. Other facilities one can enjoy include storage areas, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and cafes. One of the biggest features of the SPC free zone is that the authority issues a Dual License.

A dual license refers to the combination of mainland and Freezone licenses. This type of license is usually issued by the free zone authority. This license gives Freezone the authority to act like a UAE local sponsor. As a result, when the concerned person has a dual license, all the formalities will be conducted by Freezone. The dual license is extremely beneficial for eCommerce and general trading.

Why start a business in the SPC Freezone?

Starting your business in the SPC Freezone can eventually play an important role in the long run. Whether you’re a local investor or a foreign one, SPC Free Zone authorities allow you to conduct business easily.

Some of the key benefits of starting the business in SPC free zone include the following:

  • uae allows 100 ownership for expatriates.
  • Depending on the business activity, individuals can easily apply for Visas.
  • Different types of office spaces are easily available- furnished and unfurnished.
  • Freezone is available at the lowest cost.
  • The bank account opening procedure is easy and convenient.
  • No maximum capital requirement to start a business.
  • Banking options in the free zone are pretty flexible.
  • Dual License options are available for Sharjah Mainland and Freezone.
  • This free zone is VAT designated.
  • The SPC free zone has all the immigration facilities available.

Cost of SPC free zone company setup

The cost of the SPC free zone company setup will vary significantly depending on different factors. Investors looking forward to establishing their company in the SPC free zone can get in touch with Business Link UAE.

The free zone license is available for Visa and Lease Agreement. The investors can eventually combine different services such as trading and media activity to suit business activities within one license. It is advisable to choose a business license package such as e-channel, trade license, Emirates ID, and medical status.

How can Business Link UAE help you?

Business Link UAE  dedicate to the entire business procedure. Investors new to the business formation process in SPC free zone can get in touch with us to understand the pricing and documentation procedure. We will assist you in the long run with the business procedures. Our expert team will guide you through the right process such as Visa Processing, ID processing, and all legal document requirements. To know more, connect with our experts.

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