How to set up a clinic in Dubai with DHA Approval? | Complete Guide Setting up a Clinic Dubai

Medical care is in huge demand across Dubai. Therefore, it has become a prominent destination for medical professionals and practitioners. Setting up a clinic in Dubai can provide the benefit of a safe and friend-environment.

The United Arab Emirates is attracting a lot of international investments. Since businessmen from all over the world are flocking Emirates, setting up a clinic in Dubai. The well-established infrastructure provides the benefit of accelerated growth across the medical sector.

Healthcare sector in Dubai

The healthcare sector in Dubai is constantly evolving. The government of Dubai is introducing different measures for promoting the growth of the healthcare sector in Dubai. Over the years, the healthcare infrastructure has significantly grown. This has led to the establishment of research centers and lab facilities. If you’re considering establishing a career in the healthcare sector, you should consider settling down in Dubai.

Dubai has a high-tech healthcare system. The healthcare sector of the UAE includes the general public healthcare system and the private medical sector. The medical institutions across Dubai are providing better career growth opportunities. Not only the citizens of UAE, but foreigners too can settle down in Dubai to start their careers.

The UAE has an allocated free zone for medical facilities, Setting up a business in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) gives you direct access to custom-fitted facilities, modern offices, or desk space, it brings an unparalleled opportunity to hitch a long time, evolving, flourishing community of excellence within the heart of the center East’s commercial and medical tourism capital.

As DHCC is a free zone,  so Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone will give you 100% ownership of your business, whether the clinical or non-clinical operation and set-up could not be easier. The three-step registration is often accomplished online through Dubai Health City Authority’s (DHCA) Masaar e-services system.
Furthermore, specialists within the medical, scientific, research and technical fields can apply for 10-year residency visas. Therefore you can hire a Business Consultant who can assist you with all the DHA and DED permits for setting up a company in Dubai.

How to set up a clinic in Dubai?

Setting up a clinic in Dubai can prove to be extremely beneficial. If you’re planning to set up a clinic in Dubai, you need to get permission from the Dubai Department of Economic Development and a license from Dubai Healthcare Authorities.

  • Register the trade and business name

It is necessary to register the business and trade name. However, whenever choosing a name for your clinic, make sure to ensure that it caters to the rules and regulations of the UAE. After selecting the name, you need to file for registration in DED.

  • Get the approval from DED

After registering the business name, it is necessary to apply to get approval from DED. Furthermore, make sure to prepare a proper layout to reach out to the Dubai Municipality.

  • Apply and get approval from MHA

After applying for approval at the DED, business owners should wait to get approval from MHA.

  • Submit the documents

All medical business owners need to submit the required documents. Make sure to submit documents like lease agreement and Memorandum of Association. Furthermore, you should submit all documents which will help in the registration process for a private clinic.

  • Get the final approval from DED

After getting the preliminary approval from DED, you need to get final approval from DED. Make sure to submit the initial approval document along with the registration fees.

  • Obtain the clinical license from DHA

Once the steps mentioned above are done, you need to apply for a clinical license at Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). The owner should submit the medical license for consultants and medical professionals working within the organization.

What are the benefits of setting up a clinic in Dubai?

The UAE government has extensive healthcare facilities for UAE nationals. Foreign populations residing in this area can also set up medical clinics in Dubai. Some of the major benefits of setting up a medical clinic in Dubai include the following:

  • World-class infrastructure

Setting up a medical clinic in Dubai will provide the benefit of world-class infrastructure. Emirates is focused on promoting the medical tourism hub.

  • Growth

There’s a huge scope of growth for the healthcare sector within Dubai. The government is constantly introducing measures for positive implications within the growth.

  • Guaranteed income

If you want to make money in Dubai, setting up a medical clinic will guarantee income. Business owners and investors have the opportunity to make steady income with medical clinics.

What to consider while opening a healthcare clinic in Dubai?

A healthcare clinic in Dubai is becoming extremely popular. Therefore, businesses preferring to move ahead should consider knowing the basics before opening a healthcare clinic in Dubai.

Some of the key points to remember before opening the healthcare clinic in Dubai include the following:

  • You can open a private healthcare clinic in Dubai only if you have the medical degree or required qualifications.
  • If you are planning to open a private clinic in Dubai, you need to obtain a professional license from the Department of Economic Development.
  • A local service agent can assist you in the process of obtaining a professional service license.
  • The requirements of setting up a private clinic in Dubai are different. If you want to set up a medical facility in Dubai, you can easily do so with dentistry, urology, cosmetology, and gynecology. However, the process of registering a dental clinic in Dubai is different.
  • After taking the professional license, you also need to get approval from the Dubai Healthcare Authority. DHA is responsible for providing licenses to resident interns, consultants, doctors, and specialists.
  • You can only start working in your clinic after the complete registration process.

Requirements for registering medical clinic in Dubai

Before setting up a medical center in Dubai, you need to meet the essential criteria. The healthcare sector in Dubai is constantly regulated by the government. Therefore, whether you’re setting up a private clinic or private hospital, you need to get all approvals and regulations from DHA.

  • Individual requirement

The individual should have an eligible medical degree. Furthermore, you will also need to appear for the UAE Healthcare Authority exam and review the qualifications. If you are an investor, you need to hire an individual as a director who has the relevant degree and certification.

It is necessary to understand the requirements of the medical institution to get the perks. Depending on the activity, you can apply for approvals and permits. Furthermore, if you’re an individual, you can operate the medical center only when you meet the requirements.

  • Space Requirements

If you want to set up medical offices and clinics, you need to understand the space requirements. There should be enough space such as waiting halls, patient rooms, places to store equipment, and utility areas. Furthermore, it is also necessary to meet the standard safety requirements.

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