NMC License in Dubai – Explained in 6 Easy Ways

National Media Council license is useful for influencers who want to represent a company or a brand and get the cells for them using their followership on social accounts. It has become a million-dollar industry in today’s time. The global market of influencer marketing was around 13.8 billion dollars. It is constantly growing.

With influencer marketing becoming popular around the world, Dubai is not lacking behind. Many businesses are spending on influencers because they help them get results. If any influencer provides a recommendation, the customer is likely to buy it.

In Dubai, to work as an influencer, people are now applying for the National Media Council. Having a NMC license will make it easier for everyone to conduct business and refer a service.

The National Media Council

The National Media Council is responsible for implementing the media policy in the UAE. They provide the NMC license to individuals depending on their content. It is one of the major parts of the Electronic Media System. However, many people still have confusion regarding the NMC license in Dubai due to which experts are preferred to hire for such a professional license.

UAE Law for Influencers

If you are a social media influencer in Dubai, you need to know the laws of UAE media. As per UAE law, you can click photos of a person or place with proper permission. Not following this can land you in legal trouble. Furthermore, as a content creator, you need to be careful about cultural sensitivities as well.

Who should apply for an NMC permit?

When you plan to apply for an NMC permit, you need to know what the rules are. You need to follow the regulations for publishing the content. Whether you are an individual, company, or agency, you need to get in touch with the National Media Council. You need to get approval so that you can capture and publish content in the UAE legally.


According to the laws of the UAE, there are certain business activities that require approval. Some of the common categories who can apply for NMC license in Dubai include:


The individuals who apply for NMC permits should be a resident of the UAE. They need to visit the Council and make the respective payment. Once they complete the payment, they will need to submit the necessary documents. The process will begin and you may receive the approval in a few hours.


With the growth of influencers, various agencies have also come up to manage these influencers. If you want to start an influencer agency, you need to get approval from the Council. If an influencer registers with the agency, they can work freely even if they don’t have the NMC license.


A group of influencers can also work on forming a company. They can promote or advertise particular brands. Such companies should consider getting approval from the Council. Nonetheless, they must register all the employees. If there are new employees joining, or previous ones leaving, the same must be updated.

How to apply for a NMC license in Dubai?

If any individual influencer wants to apply for NMC license in Dubai, they do not have a full trade license. Nonetheless, you must register with NMC to get approval. Therefore, to make your application complete, you need to submit the documents. The process of applying for an individual influencer will take only a few hours.

If you want to work as a company, make sure that you apply for a UAE trade license. Therefore, for this, you need to apply to the Dubai Department of Economic Development. Before submitting your trade license application, make sure to have a company name.

The UAE laws are very strict. Furthermore, individuals need to follow a set of naming rules. It is advisable to avoid the use of any wrong or offensive name. Moreover, you should also name the company after yourself. Before registering a company, make sure to register the name accordingly.

What documents do you need for a NMC license?

Whether you are an agency or an individual, you need to apply for a NMC permit. It is crucial that you submit the important documents. Here are some of the important documents that you need to apply for a NMC license:

Get Approval for NMC license in Dubai

When you are applying for an NMC permit, there are certain things you may need to consider. This includes the following:

1.   Submit the documents

Your documents are important to you. Therefore, when you are applying for an NMC license, you need to prepare a list of the same. You must make sure that you are meeting the eligibility, criteria as well.

2.   Set up the business in free zone

There are various free zones in the UAE where you can establish your business efficiently. Furthermore, you will also get the opportunity to connect with same types of businesses in the free zone.

3.   Get a letter from the free zone to NMC

Make sure to receive confirmation for business. The free zone authority will write to NMC for the same. Therefore, you need to submit a photocopy of the company trade license.

4.   Contact and paperwork

Make sure that you are doing the paperwork appropriately. As an owner of the company, you need to submit the documents and meet the licensing requirements and demands. Make sure that you are submitting documents that have proper signs and stamps.

5.   Make payment

After completing all the formalities, you will need to make the payment. The payment will usually depend on your license type. Therefore, you can check with the respective authorities for a better idea.

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