ICA Smart Services in the UAE: A Complete Guide

ICA Smart Services in the UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, or ICA, provides various services, from visa issuing to penalty collection. Read on as we discuss the authority facilitating UAE residents, citizens, and visitors. ICA Smart Services in the UAE is an online service that allows users to enter their arrival and departure data while applying for an Emirates ID and a Dubai residence visa.

This easy and smart system for government document registration is essential for traveling professionals. Whether establishing a new business or relocating to Dubai, our service can make a move more accessible and profitable.

ICA Smart Services: What is it?

This one-of-a-kind system makes it easier for tourists, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wishes to start a new business setup in Dubai to enter and depart Dubai. It’s a subdivision of the Federal Authority for Identity and organizes everything required for your identity and citizenship.

The application becomes quick and easy by submitting the information to UAE Immigration online. This ensures you’ll get your visa earlier. This system is accessible in person, online, and via mobile applications. ICA Smart services compile all the necessary information and store it in one centralized location. 

While traveling through the UAE, you can also utilize this service to verify the validity of your visa and passport information from the luxury of your smartphone or computer.

Registration for the ICA Smart Services

Entrepreneurs entering or exiting Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE can use this. This framework manages every aspect of your identification and citizenship, including passport services, entrance visas, Emirates ID, and everything else. If your stay is likely to exceed three months, registering is mandatory. But there is no registration if you intend to be in Dubai for less than seven days. Also, if you plan to spend more than seven days in the UAE, you must apply as soon as you arrive.

The following people can register:

  • Residents
  • Employees
  • Entrepreneurs/Business owners

Registration Requirements for ICA Smart Services: 

You’ll need a few documents to arrange your identity and citizenship requirements in the UAE. Applying for ICA Smart Services on the Federal Authority for Identity website can assist you in getting your visa much faster. You can also choose to submit the relevant information ahead of your arrival.

An application form should include your employment history and personal info. The registration procedure is comparable to that of the visa application process. The following documents must be included with the application form:

  • Your Emirates ID
  • Your Passport number
  • The visa entry permit
  • Employment history
  • Personal information

Advantages of the ICA Smart Services:

Among the many benefits for business owners and travelers alike are the following:

  • Check the status of your application from the comfort of your own home
  • Check the status of your application from any device
  • You can make changes to your application online
  • You can check up to five different applications from the same device
  • To check the progress of your application, enter your Smart Number.
  • Check the business or tourist visa process online
  • You can request an online refund
  • Updation of your Emirates ID


Visa Issuance by ICA Smart Services:

Visitor Visa with Multiple Entries

This payment can be completed online or in person at the ICA office.

ICA smart services give an e-print out for nationals of specified countries eligible for a visa on arrival in the UAE. The service is classified as Visa-Multiple Entry-Tourism for Citizens of Certain Countries. Multiple-entry, long-term tourist visas are issued to all nationalities. One of the visa services ICA provides is the issuance of new multi-entry long-term UAE tourist visas for up to 5 years to family members.

This visa permits a 90-day continuous stay in the country. If you wish to stay longer, your visa can be extended for another 180 days.

Virtual Professional Residency License for People Living Abroad

The issue of a virtual work Residency Visa for expatriates who reside outside of the UAE is another popular visa choice offered by ICA Smart Services.

Virtual Work Residency Permit for Citizens 

The ICA smart services offer a Virtual Work Residence Permit, which permits the applicant to enter the country for a year from the date of issuance.

Visa Renewal

If your visa is scheduled to expire, you can renew it online. You can retrieve your visa online by logging into your ICA Smart Services account. The renewal process includes your passport, visa, and residency card.

If you decide to start a business in Dubai, whether a resident or a foreigner, don’t hesitate to speak with our business setup experts, who can help you get established.