How to Start Accounting & Bookkeeping Business in Dubai?

For bookkeeping business in Dubai, everyone knows that Dubai is a destination full of opportunities. It is no longer just an exciting tourist destination. Those days are passé. Today, the entire United Arab Emirates has evolved into a lucrative business landscape. Dubai too offers compelling infrastructure and a fantastic commercial environment which is highly conducive to a new business setup. Lenient government policies, ease of setting up a company, unmatched transparency while dealing with local and federal administration, and a huge reservoir of skilled manpower attract scores of entrepreneurs from around the world. This has resulted in significant changes in tax laws. The introduction of new levies and fine-tuning of the existing taxation systems has led to unprecedented demand for accounting firms, especially those that offer integrated solutions to their clients, and the scope of starting an Accounting & Bookkeeping Business in Dubai is increasing with each passing day.

Starting an Accounting & Bookkeeping Business in Dubai:

Mentioned below are some of the requirements for the same:

1. Degree in Accounting

As an entrepreneur / professional you need to possess a degree in accounting or a related area for accounting business setup in Dubai. This also means you need to have a certificate that proves you are a veritable accountant. However, before opening an accounting firm in Dubai entrepreneurs need to ascertain the legality of the degree they hold.

Alternately, one can also undertake local exams to enhance their chances of approval.

2. Professional License

To start an accounting and bookkeeping business the said entity needs to apply for a professional license in Dubai which is typically issued by the Dubai Economic Department or DED.

3. Office Space

Having an office in a commercial district helps fetch clients easily. A physical working space also generates lots of confidence amongst the clients as they feel assured and comfortable dealing with an accounting firm that boasts a team of dedicated CPAs.

As a bookkeeping business start-up in Dubai, you can rent a space of your choice.

So, how to open an accounting company in Dubai?

  • As mentioned above to start an accounting company in UAE, Dubai one needs to obtain a professional license. This involves the submission of several crucial documents, proofs, certificates, and assorted government forms. For a new entrepreneur, the entire chore might appear overwhelming.
  • However, company formation consultant in UAE such as Business Link UAE provides end to end solutions for setting up any kind of business in the UAE and Dubai.

Bookkeeping company startup in Dubai addresses the wants of several entities and provisions. While typical accounting firms look after the needs of corporate and medium-sized commercial establishments, there are others who cater to the requirements of individuals and small-sized businesses.

Only an established business set up firm in Dubai can help you exploit this opportunity. Business Link UAE is your one-stop shop to become a part of this ever-growing community of bookkeeping/accounting business.

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