How to Start a Mobile App Development Business in Dubai?

Technology has advanced at a massive speed in today’s time. The best part is that there is an app for almost everything today. With Dubai being one of the fastest-growing business hubs, many people want to know how to start a business setup in Dubai.

A mobile app development firm can be quite successful in Dubai if you move the right way. You need the help of professionals to understand how to start a mobile app business. The laws and regulations in Dubai are best for businesses but proper guidance is always required while setting up a company.

Feasibility of Setting up an App Business in Dubai

The mobile app market is significantly growing in the UAE. It is expected that by 2026, the market is likely to be US$407 billion. The Middle East Market will also observe significant growth of the same.

Entrepreneurs within the industry want to make an impact on the market and so, they want to know how to start a mobile app business here. There is an increasing demand for mobile apps for businesses of all sizes. Thus, registering a company in Dubai will be helpful.

You can establish your business in different regions like the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. It is a smart business investment that will help to get the right results.

Why start an app development company in Dubai?

Starting an app development company in Dubai can bring a wide range of benefits. However, you should work with a professional as experts in the field can make the process fast and affordable.

Registering a company in Dubai requires entrepreneurs to be careful and it is necessary that they follow all the steps legally. Business professionals like BusinessLinkUAE can help with different things such as choosing a business activity, license application, visa application, and so on.

If you know how to develop apps, you can start an app development company in UAE. Since the market is growing you can either work as a freelancer or start a full-time business with an appropriate trade license. Consumers in the UAE can significantly experience a positive app experience.


Several apps are working or rather growing in Dubai. Apps like Deliveroo and Zomato are constantly flourishing – these are the prime examples demonstrating how the apps are in

demand. Moreover, opting for app development can also play an important role in audience engagement, customer loyalty, and brand awareness.

Steps to Start a Mobile App Business in Dubai

Dubai brings several opportunities for new entrepreneurs. If you want to grow in the mobile app market, you need to develop a strong app. Not only do you need to help your customers grow, but also grow for yourself.

Different apps have already created their mark in the environment due to which, it is necessary to make the right choice. Here are some things to consider while starting a mobile app in Dubai:

Freezone or Mainland?

The mobile app business is often seen to be virtual. It means that you can start to build the app anywhere and transfer it anywhere. Therefore, there is no specific license for starting this business on the mainland.

However, for more profit purposes, you should start a mobile app business in free zones. The free zones are constantly growing and have more opportunities than the mainland, and this allows the business to prosper.

Choose a freezone

Now that you want to start your business in a freezone, you need to know which one. Having a business in the freezone can have several benefits like 0% tax, 100% company ownership, and more. Considering the benefits, starting a mobile app business in free zones can be beneficial. If you’re looking to start a business related to the online world, you must choose Dubai International City. The initial investment for setting up business in DIC can be more, however, in the long run, it can help you get more returns. This will eventually cover the cost. If you are looking for a more affordable option, you must choose the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Office options

When you set up your mobile app business in Dubai International City of Fujairah Creative City Zone, you do get the benefit of a flexible office setup. You can look into different features such as meeting rooms, desk space, and more.

Small business owners and freelancers can benefit the most at the Fujairah Creative City Zone. On the other hand, entrepreneurs can benefit the most in Dubai International City. It is advisable to check the office setup options. Fujairah Creative City Zone offers benefits like no physical office requirement or minimal startup cost.

Setup business with multiple shareholders

If you want to start your mobile app business with multiple shareholders, you can do that. Both Fujairah Creative City Zone and Dubai Internet City are famous among small and large businesses. Setting up your business in this freezone ensures that you can have more than one shareholder.

Setup the business

No matter which freezone you choose to set your business in, each of them can be beneficial. You need to have a strong business plan so that you can set up your business easily here. If you choose Dubai Internet City, you need to follow the entire legal process of the business. To set up your business you need to submit the application form, passport copies and so on.

Apply for multiple visas

Make sure to apply for a visa as per the package you choose. If you want to set up your business in Fujairah Creative City Zone, you can apply for six visas. If you set up your business in the DIC, you can get the flexibility to apply for one visa for every eight square meters of office.