How to Setup a Medical Equipment Company in Dubai?

Medical Equipment Company Setup in Dubai

How to Setup a Medical Equipment Trading Company in Dubai?

The Healthcare sector is evolving with each passing day. It is one of the significant contributors to a country’s economy, job opportunities, and development. It is a sensitive and critical sector that is involved in saving lives and coming up with technologies that are involved in improving the health and wellness of the nation. As business setup in Dubai is an important factor in UAE in different sectors, the government of UAE is continuously working in building a competitive healthcare sector with the best in class hospitals using the latest technology. With new clinics and hospitals coming in creation, there is a lot of scope for setting up medical equipment trading companies in Dubai.

With the advent of COVID 19, health emergencies have increased tremendously. This has raised the import and purchase of medical devices that can meet the need for today’s crisis.

Laws Involved in Medical Equipment Trading Company Setup

Being a critical sector, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention has stated some rules. It preserves the registration of medical products and other pharmaceutical equipment. According to the federal law by the ministry, medical products, medicines, and materials can only be distributed once registered. So, if you plan to trade medical equipment in Dubai, UAE, you need to get your company and everything registered with the UAE health and prevention ministry.

Documents Required for Starting a Medical Equipment Company in Dubai

  • Medical warehouse license by MOHAP
  • Pharmacist license who will be in charge of the warehouse
  • Trade license of warehouse
  • Certificate for product minor variation
  • Detailed catalog and images of products in the invoice
  • Free sale certificate from the product’s company of origin
  • Good Manufacturing Certificate
  • Purchase invoice with manufacturing and expiry details of the products
  • ISO- FDA certificate for product quality
  • Commercial license from DED
  • In case you are not a Dubai citizen, register as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the local sponsor (51% shareholding), the rest will hold 49%.

Steps Involved in Getting Medical Equipment Trading License in UAE

  1. To register your medical equipment business as an LLC company with the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  2. For registering the company with the customs for import/export code required for shipping the pharmaceutical products into the country.
  3. Register medical products with the Ministry of Health, Dubai.
  4. Obtain clearance and all legalities approved to avoid penalties.
  5. In case of engaging a local distribution agent or commercial agent, get them to register with the Ministry of Health. Distribution rights will be with an agent or agency in the UAE.

Though it sounds complicated, Business Link UAE, business setup consultants in UAE, is here to help you in this process from issuing a license to set up the medical trading business in Dubai. With permission, you are permitted to import medical and surgical equipment without any worry.