How to Start a Ceramics Business in Dubai

Are you thinking of starting a ceramics business in Dubai? You are in the right place. This article discusses how you can establish your ceramics business in Dubai from square one. 

Before we begin discussing business formation, let’s learn about the demands and trends of the ceramic business setup in Dubai. Ceramics is a huge industry to cater to. Thus, the more specific you get, the better. In Dubai specifically, the industry has two main niches:

  1. Ceramic Tiles – Increasingly, both locals and expats are investing in home decor. This has boosted the ceramic tile businesses in Dubai and the UAE. Additionally, the ceramic tile industry is being boosted by a large rise in construction activity in the country. Because of the country’s demand for ceramic tiles, many businesses from around the world are eager to establish operations here.
  2. Pottery – Pottery has gained a lot of followers since the pandemic. The number of pottery artists has increased in Dubai with the recent opening of a studio and shop, The Mud House. Such places have created inspiration in the community for buying, selling, and creating ceramics in and around Dubai. 

What you should know about the ceramics industry in Dubai

According to trends observed by experts at Business Link and research in e-commerce, ceramic pots, plates, vases, and sculptures have increased in sales through eCommerce platforms. The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry reported $27 billion in sales through eCommerce platforms, which means any products you choose to sell will be viable. Many ceramics artists have observed an increase in profits since selling on eCommerce platforms. 

Ceramics Business in Dubai

Furthermore, some research has stated that ceramics are now coming back into the business. Currently, the global ceramics market stands at 247.4 billion dollars, with a CAGR of 4.4% per year until 2028. 

If this article excites you to put your expertise and skills to use, know that starting your own ceramics business in Dubai doesn’t require significant capital outlays or large-scale industrial equipment. 

In order to set up a new business in Dubai, you should start by getting the correct business license. Two types of licenses are available for a ceramic business setup in Dubai.

1. If you wish to create your own distinct artworks and sell them directly to customers, a local ceramics trade license obtained from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) is the ideal option in which a consultant can assist you well by guiding you through the whole process. 

2. If you want to obtain your products from local and foreign potters, you will need an eCommerce license to carry out transactions. Many ceramic vendors have discovered that internet platforms are their principal income generators. They are excellent at broadening your consumer base regionally and even worldwide.

Dubai areas you can setup your Business in:

Dubai, whether mainland or free zone, is full of opportunities. Regardless of the scale or sector of your enterprise, you can rent or invest in any commercial space for your business setup in Dubai. The areas listed below are the top areas you can find a ceramics store/warehouse in. You may check out these places if you are looking for a setup area yourself. 

  1. Al Qouz 
  2. Dubai Industrial City
  3. Al Serkal Avenue 
  4. Al Wasl Road
  5. Al Barsha

Ceramics Business in Dubai

What Ceramic items sell best?

Ceramic items are made in a wide range of sizes and shapes, from vases to small home-decor showpieces. However, best-selling pieces are based on well-balanced forms, symmetry, and proportions. The best pieces are usually the ones that please the eye. Recently, pottery that is made using earthy and neutral tones is a popular trend. Some of the best-selling ceramic pieces are: 

  1. Bowls
  2. Handcrafted mugs
  3. Soap dishes
  4. Vases
  5. Sculptures 
  6. Plant pots
  7. Plates

Tip: Add colorful glazes to your pottery. This adds an elegant finishing touch to the final piece.  

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