How to get Gym License in Dubai?

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With a growing population and a high percentage of expatriates, the UAE market has encouraged national and international fitness companies to invest in the market. In 2016, the fitness industry in the United Arab Emirates was estimated to be worth $ 380 million in 2016, according to research firm Statista. 

In recent years, there has also been innovation in this sector with a movement towards more realistic functional training. There are significant opportunities in the UAE and an appetite for private sessions and group training among residents.

The United Arab Emirates has been encouraging many domestic and foreign fitness companies or gym to invest in their market. Statistics say that the UAE fitness industry in 2016 stood at around $ 380 million. Many well-known fitness gym companies came and established their businesses in the UAE; for example, the famous American brand Gold’s Gym and Fitness First, based in the United Kingdom. Recently, with more innovation in this industry, there has been a shift towards more functional training. Therefore, there are ample opportunities in this sector in the UAE.

You can setup a gym in Dubai as a limited liability company (LLC), but there are some mandatory requirements listed by the Department of Economic Development, which must be met.

Things to Remember Before Starting a Gym in Dubai

You must obtain an authorization of the following:

  • The General Juvenile and Sports Welfare Authority
  • Health Department
  • The Emirates Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Committee

There are other mandates, such as the person who obtains the gym license to open a gym, must be at least 21 years of age or older. He/she must also submit a copy of a registered lease and a partnership memorandum.

If you are thinking of opening a health club or gym in a Free Zone, then there are some regulations that you should know. Gym or gym activities that are allowed should only be strictly limited to:

  • Physical training or exercise to lose weight/fitness
  • Meditative sports such as yoga or tai-chi.
  • Various types of massage

Activities that are not allowed with the Gym License in Dubai

  • There are no medical or physiological treatments for diseases such as rheumatism, etc.
  • Use of electrical machines for therapy or diagnosis, such as ultrasound machines, etc. by untrained or unqualified personnel
  • Patients with infectious diseases should not be allowed to enter or exercise and perform any activity in the gym
  • It is not allowed to use the gym for staff accommodation
  • Noisy sports activities that cause discomfort.
  • Female staff will not be hired at health clubs or fitness centers for men.
  • Personnel entering women’s health clubs/gyms will not be allowed
  • Slimming diets should only be prescribed and supervised only by qualified nutritionists.

Gyms or gymnasiums must be necessarily equipped with the following:

  • It must be located on the ground floor of a building and its facilities cannot be used for any activity other than the one established in the license.
  • There should be adequate lighting and ventilation according to the given standards; for example, the gym must have fans, exhaust fans and outlets that can serve the entire premises
  • The premises cannot be used for the storage or accumulation of goods.
  • A fully furnished office is mandatory to carry out the administration function. You should be able to manage the activity with 30m²
  • The first aid kit should always be available.
  • Instructors, as well as guests or users of the health club should wear appropriate gym clothes.
  • All personnel who massage at the health club must be qualified by the DOHMS.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the premises.
  • Things like antibacterial soap, disinfectant and tissue paper should be available.
  • An adequate cleaning area, such as sinks and drains, must be provided (must comply with the specified guidelines)
  • Electric machines should be installed to kill insects and regular pest control should be done
  • Trash bins with pedal with lid must be provided
  • Employees must be dressed in the appropriate uniform with the name or logo of the company.
  • A map must be provided with the appropriate location and address of the center.
  • Smoking should not be allowed on the premises and there should be adequate signage to report the same.
  • Fitness or gym trainers will be required to have valid visas and show their competence and the necessary qualifications and experience in the industry, in addition to having a valid business license.

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