How to Get a Film Production License in Dubai?

UAE has one of the most prime business and scenic locations. Furthermore, UAE is also becoming popular among the audience because of film production facilities. It is picking up at a fast pace. Over the years, there are various homegrown brands. Furthermore, the Emirates is also the backdrop to support the production of various films like Star Wars, Star Trek and more. You can easily apply for a film production license in Dubai. It is advisable that you work with an expert who will help you in the process of setting up the film production license.

Setting up a Film Production Company in Dubai Mainland

If you want to establish a company in Dubai, you need to ensure that you have authorities have given you permission. Furthermore, it is crucial that you submit all the documents on time. Once you complete the procedure, the authority will provide the film production license.

The DFTC or Dubai Film and TV Commission is responsible for looking over the matter. They are professionals who will help you with the clearance of all necessary documents. It works closely with GDRFA-Dubai, Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, and RTA (Roads and Transport Authority). Before a film production begins, the authorities will look over everything and ensure the shooting is done in peace. Therefore, you need to work with DFTC to get all the work done.

How to Set up a Film Production Company in Dubai?

The process for setting up a film production company in Dubai is the same as any other company setup. However, the difference will depend on where you set up the company. It is advisable that you consult a business formation expert. You can set up the business either on mainland or free zone.

If you are planning for a business setup in Dubai Mainland, you will need approval from the authorities. After that process, you can apply for the license. However, if you get DFTC licensed you can easily start film production. As mentioned above you will already have approval from half of the authorities. This will ensure that you can set up the business efficiently.

When it comes to free zones, you will not need approvals from any additional authorities for business setup. It is advisable that you consult your business consultant who can help you understand the process. While you may not need any external approval, you will need to abide by the rules. In free zones, you may have to take an external approval regarding the location.

You may need to submit the documents that can help you. Some of the common documents to submit include the following:

  • Two colored passport photos.
  • Type of activity you want to carry out.
  • Passport-sized copy of the owner of the business.

The permit from DFTC is crucial for both audio and visual activities. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, you will need permission. Furthermore, if you need approval for public, private, or government-owned properties, make sure to submit value documents and reasons.

If you want to shoot in the UAE, you need to do it in the presence of a licensed video production company. You will also have to pay a certain amount of the registration fee for the purpose. The location fee will significantly vary depending on where you’re shooting. The amount for shooting in private sectors and public sectors are different. Your Business consultants can help you understand the difference in fees. At BusinessLink UAE, the experts will help you make the right choice based on your shooting preferences and location.

Starting Film Production Company in Free Zones

Numerous businesses are operating in the free zone considering all the advantages the location has to offer. Dubai Production City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Studio City are the best locations to set up your film production company in the free zones. Companies involved in the film production are likely to receive more incentives by setting up their film production company in this location.

The process of setting up a film production company in a free zone is the same as setting up any other company in a free zone. Once you choose the location, you will have to submit a particular fee along with the required documents. For free zones, the shooting permit authority is DFTC.

Benefits of a Film Production Company in Dubai

Dubai is a major tourist hub of the UAE. There’s no doubt about it. However, when you check out some films you will be surprised to know how many businesses are established here. Starting a film production company in Dubai can bring in a wide variety of advantages.

Some of the common benefits of setting up a film production company in the Dubai include the following:

  • Tax-free

Dubai has tax-free zones that can be a huge contributor to saving money. There is full-production support available as well for the state-of-the-art film production centers. The authorities in the UAE have removed any kind of bureaucratic demands from the filmmakers. This gives them ease to conduct their business efficiently. Making the area tax-free, Dubai is fostering a positive environment for all filmmakers. This move is done to ensure that the filmmakers can utilize all services, and environments to get help for film production.

  • Go to destination for technical support

Tax-free and rebates are just basic benefits. One major reason to apply for a film production license in Dubai is that you get technical support. Over the past few years, Dubai has seen a massive jump in terms of conducting business.

With technical support available, it becomes easier for film producers or any businesses in general to overcome challenges. DFTC is one of those centres that can help you with almost everything when it comes to film production. If you have any additional requirements, you can reach out to them.

The tax-free hubs of Dubai make it one of the best spots for starting your film production company in Dubai. It is advisable that you apply for the film production license only after submitting all the documents. The authority will provide approval only after checking all the documents. It’s crucial that you submit all the documents within the deadline and to the respective authorities. In this process, the business consultants like BusinessLinkUAE can assist you completely.