Dubai Production City Business Formation

Dubai Production City (DPC) also known as International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) was established in July 2003. It was designed to complete all the needs of the Media and Production Industry. Dubai Free Zone becomes the point of attraction for all production businesses and beat the trading of printing, publishing, and packing industries. From Enterprises to start-up companies, involved in the DCP, and drives a huge benefit in printing, production, and all media activities.

Benefits of Business Setup in IMPZ

Dubai is touching the sky and Dubai International Media Production Zone is designed to boost media industries in the UAE and also around the world. There is none other place than IMPZ which can give you the best environment to grow as an owner of a foreign firm or as an entrepreneur.

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Personal or Corporate tax-free for 50 years
  • No customs duty on goods and services
  • Interactive and corporative environment.
  • Experts in all industries
  • All B2B clients in one place.
  • Advances in process and high-tech technology
  • Best government services.
  • Simple setup for small companies.
  • 24hr Visa Services
  • Best workers with expert skills and knowledge.

Due to those features and benefits, Dubai Production City is the best.

Steps to Setup Business in IMPZ

Opening a business under IMPZ is easy and just through limited steps. For a business startup in IMPZ, you need to have a legal business entity for your business.

Legal Entities Permissible in IMPZ

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)

A free zone is a legally separate company that is handled by an individual or a corporate. Steps for Business setup for Free Zone LLC are

Apply – Apply the application form for a license with your business plan and valid ID proofs of your shareholders, and directors when appointed.

Submit Documents and Payment – Submit requested documents, select your commercial space, and pay the necessary fees.

Sign and Collect – Sign and collect all legal documents, certificates, licenses, etc.

  • Branch of UAE and Foreign Company

A branch is not a separate entity, a branch is a child entity of its parent company or can register locally or foreign company. It has all authority and permissions of the parent company.

Steps for the formation of a Foreign Branch

Apply – Apply application form with Business Plan, Copy of the certificate of incorporation, and valid id proofs of your managers, and representatives if needed.

Steps for Formation of a UAE Established Branch

Apply – Apply application form for a license, business plan, UAE License copy with valid ID proof of your managers, and legal representative if needed.

  • Freelance Permit

People who are works independently and generate their own revenue by offering their services are known as freelancers. Steps to get a freelance permit are

Apply – Apply the application form for the license, business plan with a valid copy of the applicant, minimum 3 personal reference letters, and sample of work of the applicant.

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