How to Convert an Employment Visa into a Business Visa in the UAE?

Employment Visa

The UAE’s Business Visa is an encouragement and an invitation for global entrepreneurs and business people to choose the UAE as their commercial hub. The visa aims to attract foreign investments and thus improve the local economy. For international entrepreneurs and residents of the UAE – anyone looking for a business setup in Dubai or in UAE must have either a residence visa or a trade/business visa. Current employees should cancel their employment visa and apply for new ones. 

Let’s learn more about the UAE’s business visa and its procedures. 

What is a Business Visa?

A business visa is a portion of the Golden Visa program, which allows foreigners to receive long-term visas for themselves and their families. It strives to provide an appealing environment for companies and economic growth in the UAE.

How To Get A Business Visa:

1. Current Employment Visa Cancellation

Your employer must cancel your visa when you leave your job in the UAE. If your visa is still valid at the time of revocation, you are allowed to stay in the country for 29 days. This will give you enough time to obtain a new visa or update your present one.

Employment Visa

What happens next:

Contact an authorized typing center or a free zone authority to cancel your visa.

Pay any penalties, if any, to avoid processing delays.

2. Apply for a New Entry Permit

You can apply for a New Entry Permit after your current job visa has been terminated. This permit is valid for 60 days and functions as a temporary employment visa

3. Change of Status Procedure

“Status Adjustment’ or “Status Change’ is a compulsory process. If you have overstayed your visa, you will be charged unless you finish the status change process.

There are three methods to modify your visa status:

  • Change in In-Country Status: 
  • Adjustment of Out-of-Country Status
  • Border Crossing

Remember that activating a visa entry permit restricts passengers from leaving the UAE until their visas are valid again.

4. Obtain an Emirates ID card and pass a medical examination

As a UAE citizen, your Emirates ID card is required for any employment requiring an identity card submission. An Emirates ID can be obtained online. You must also visit an ID service center and provide your biometrics as part of the process. You will also need to get a medical checkup to finish the procedure.

Employment Visa

5. Stamp your Residency Visa

Your resident visa stamp is your last proof that you are legally working and living in the UAE. The formality is accomplished after the preceding procedures are performed. Your passport will go for stamping with a UAE resident visa.

The Benefits of a Business Visa

Once the visa is issued, the applicant can enter the nation for six months using a multiple-entry visa to accelerate the company’s establishment formalities. They will also be able to nominate up to three senior members of their company for residence. According to the limitations and standards outlined by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, all visa holders can to sponsor their dependents.

However, the process of converting the visas can become time-consuming and expensive. Nevertheless, if you have any questions or need assistance on the subject, feel free to contact one of our expert business setup consultants today.