Guide To Set Up a Pharmacy in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a mystic amalgamation of beauty and technology. Beyond tourism the country stores great potential to flourish businesses of all kinds and healthcare. In recent years, the healthcare industry in Dubai has grown largely. And, the country is welcoming foreign investors to start a pharmaceutical business in UAE. So, if you are aspiring to start a business in Dubai, Business Link UAE is here to guide you in the best way for a remarkable experience in Dubai. Let’s begin with understanding the procedure of setting up a pharmacy in Dubai

To set up a pharmacy in UAE there are some administrative procedures you need to abide by. The process of Pharmacy business registration in Dubai involves two steps:

  1. Obtaining a pharmacy license in Dubai
  2. Registration and issuing of a license

Obtaining Pharmacy License in Dubai

According to Federal Law no.4 in 1993, you or your company needs to obtain a license from DHA before beginning the manufacturing or selling of pharmaceutical products in the UAE. This license is valid for government, semi-government, and private health facilities. Also, your pharmacy should include only community-based pharmacies.

Registration and issuing of a license

The registration process involves two steps, which are initial approval and final approval. In addition to the licenses, the pharmacy also needs to undergo an inspection by the Drug Control Department.

For initial approval,

  • The application is submitted to the Health Regulation Department (HRD).
  • An approval from Dubai Municipality is required for commercial use of the premises selected for pharmacy setup.
  • Submitted documents are reviewed by the HRD for suitability and an initial approval letter is issued to your pharmacy.
  • The process will take 10 working days
  • Next, you need this approval letter to initiate the process of receiving a trade/commercial license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. You being a foreign investor will need a UAE associate to set up a pharmaceutical business in Dubai.  

For final approval,

  • Place an online request through one of the experienced business startup consultants like us that will also assist you to make the required payments.
  • Then, HRD will conduct an on-site assessment.
  • If the DHA requirements and recommendations are met, you will receive the DHA pharmacy license.
  • The process will take 20 working days.
  • The license is valid for 1 year. It includes your DED license number, the name and address of the pharmacy, and its validity period.

For easy understanding, the Business Link UAE has created a list of documents required to open a pharmacy in Dubai. So, you need to present the following.

– Duly filled the application form

– Preliminary approval for pharmacy premises along with tenancy contract

– Blueprints of location with certified architectural planning

– Copy of passport, location license, and pharmaceutical license

– Certificates and list of all employees in your pharmacy business

Business Link UAE is one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai. We intend to guide our clients throughout their journey of setting business in the UAE in a less expensive and more efficient manner.