How to Get a DHA License for Healthcare Professionals in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is a government-run entity that regulates the health sector of Dubai. It was established in July 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  Every healthcare professional in Dubai needs a DHA licenseto start their practice. Similarly, all clinics and professional medical setups also need a DHA license to begin operations. The healthcare sector is a critical industry for which the UAE government is most concerned – the quality of service and proper treatments are of utmost importance. Dubai Health Authority ensures that the quality of services and treatments is not affected. 

Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, said: “We believe that we are all responsible for the health and safety of our people and are confident in the capabilities of those concerned in the health sector—be it members of our society or public and private organizations—in fulfilling these desired goals.”

The DHA License Dubai or Dubai Health Authority License is the official permission granted by the Health Regulation Department of the DHA. Healthcare experts and medical professionals must get a DHA license to follow their passion and strive in their medical careers in Dubai. You won’t be allowed to practice your medical career in Dubai without a permit. 

Continue reading to understand the detailed process of obtaining a DHA license in Dubai.

DHA License

Firstly, let’s do an Eligibility Check for the License:

Individuals providing traditional or complementary treatment and healing methods will need a license. The categories are as follows. 

  1. General Practioner (GP)
  2. Allied Health Professionals (For example, Ayurvedic doctors or Spas)
  3. Specialists and Consultants 
  4. Medical Doctors
  5. Specialist Surgeons
  6. Dental Surgeons and Dentists
  7. Traditional Medicine Experts
  8. Alternative Medicine Specialists
  9. Nurses and midwives

For healthcare facilities, however, their investors are eligible to apply for the License. 

Requirements for a DHA License in Dubai

To have a business setup in Dubai in the healthcare activity requires a few documents to be submitted to acquire the License to start the business. Below are the primary documents that you need:

  1. Submission of a Passport-size photograph
  2. Submission of Passport Copies
  3. Your Educational Qualifications 
  4. A Practice License is also mandatory 
  5. Good Standing Certificate is essential 
  6. Offer letter
  7. Malpractice Insurance Certificate

How to Apply for a Professional License?

  • Check your professional eligibility with a self-assessment tool
  • Create an account on the DHA Sheryan portal – Sheryan is part of an application within the DHA e-service account 
  • Precise cognitive behavior therapy and primary source verification tests
  • Pay the fees and register yourself as a professional on the Sheryan portal
  • Pass an oral exam
  • Activate your License after the registration process is complete

How to Get a DHA License in Dubai for Healthcare Facilities?

  1. Document of your Business/Trade License 
  2. Submission of the Ejari contract for the medical facility/ space
  3. Current floor plan of the commercial (medical) space 
  4. An Undertaking Letter from the Owner/Landlord
  5. Documents that specify the specialties the facility will offer 
  6. Total number of doctors, nurses, and other professionals working in the facility 

DHA License

Application Procedure for Facility License:

  • Firstly, secure a working business name
  • Get approval from the Department of Economic Department (DED)
  • Sign the LSA and Civil Work Agreement documents 
  • Fill out the online application for the required License 
  • Submit your partner’s document 
  • Pay the necessary fees for permits and tests
  • Be ready for a DHA inspection 

DHA License Renewal

The DHA license is valid for one year. You can apply for a renewal at the end of one year. You can additionally apply for a renewal three months before the expiry date. 

If you choose to renew your DHA license, you need to:

  • Upload your PSV
  • Have a valid Emirates ID
  • A valid passport copy
  • A valid medical fitness certificate (only required for above 65 years)
  • Upload the malpractice insurance certificate 
  • Submit your application on the Sheryan portal 
  • Pay the license renewal fees to DHA
  • Wait until the DHA reviews your application 

Once all the process mentioned above is complete and your License is approved, it will be delivered to you. 

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