Dubai Set to Welcome 300 Stakeholders In Mega Event Aimed At Reviving MENA’s Tourism Sector

The demand for a tourism license in Dubai has once again gone up. This is thanks to the revival of the city’s tourism sector. However, the condition in the entire region is not the same. For this, Dubai is gearing up to host a two-day event with the aim to boost MENA tourism sector. The event is planned to benefit the travel industry and will cater to over 300 local and international stakeholders. From key sectors like tourism agencies, investment entities, hotel chains, theme parks, and more, the event will be attended by and will be beneficial to many.

The panel of speakers will surely be of use to those who belong to the industry. Along with this, it will also be helpful as well as aspiring entrepreneurs interested in business setup in Dubai.

MENA Attractions and Destinations Forum 2022


Formally known as the MENA Attractions and Destinations Forum 2022 (MENAADF), the event will take place on the 28th and 29th of September. It will be exploring different upcoming projects that are taking place within these countries. The forum plans to improve the tourism sector by implementing newer, more beneficial strategies. These strategies are aimed at reopening these public places. And, ensuring the road to growth is steady.

The MENA region is home to several leisure destinations, as well as cultural and religious sites. These locations bring in an influx of tourists each year. And as a result, have been a substantial source of income for the region.


Due to Covid-19, the tourism sector experienced quite a blow in the past. Effects were seen across the region and became notable after a drop in the issuance of tourism licenses in Dubai was witnessed. However, to revive the economy and tourism sector, the MENAADF will discuss several useful steps for businesses. The event will also discuss ways to enhance visitors’ experience.

Featured speakers

The two-day event will feature speakers from renowned attractions (existing and upcoming) who will share their expertise in the field. The speakers will be representing attractions and governments such as Dubai Parks & Resorts, NEOM, Oman Investment Authority, Cyprus’ World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage, and many more.

Osama Khlawee, AVP Tourism Sites and Destination Development Leader, said, “Developing destinations entails planning defined areas to drive the evolution of vibrant destinations for tourists, ensuring compelling experiences, diversified tourism offerings, quality infrastructure, and services to attract people to live, work, and return to the destination. Taking full account of its current and future economic, social, and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities assuring proper management as well as marketing which are especially significant for destinations to attract fresh investments, develop value-added jobs, recruit new talent, and boost innovation.”

For those looking to obtain a tourism license in Dubai, the MENAADF will serve to be beneficial as it will delve into steps these businesses can take to ensure success in their businesses. The panel will also discuss crucial activities that businesses in the tourism sector can undertake.