Dubai Company Formation Cost: A Detailed Overview

Dubai company formation cost

Dubai is an investor’s paradise; hence, more and more corporations are migrating to Dubai. But as with any commercial undertaking, setting up a business in Dubai has its own challenges too. The financial undertaking of a company formation in the UAE requires a substantial amount of research to minimize unfavorable expenditures. So knowing a detailed overview of Dubai company formation cost for company setup is most important.

Below are a few important inquiries that will arise when creating a commercial entity in Dubai:

  • Where can you set up a business in Dubai?
  • What are the necessary costs related to setting up a business in Dubai?
  • Is there a cost-effective way for setting up a business in Dubai?
  • We can advance payment for a Business License?
  • Which Free Zone Company Setup process is the cheapest?
  • What changes have been associated with LLC company formation costs in Dubai?
  • Do all free zone business setups cost the same across the board?
  • Are there business setup consultants in Dubai who offer affordable services?
  • What are the charges assigned by the local authorities of Dubai when setting up a business?
If these are a few of the questions that you’re also asking yourself, here is a comprehensive response to all your queries.

As far as the cost is concerned, the Dubai company setup packages change from time to time by the UAE government, that is why it is not possible to give the exact cost.

Hence, it’s important to team up with an experienced and reputable business setup consultancy in Dubai as they know all the ins and outs of the whole business setup process in Dubai and will help you make an informed decision.

From keeping you updated regarding the fluctuating judicial prices to informing you about any changes made to the governmental charges or business setup laws, the business setup consultancy firm will help you at each step of your company formation process. The small business license cost in Dubai, therefore, is largely contingent upon its nature as well as any required licensing and so forth. Despite the overhanging factors that influence the overall cost, here are the typical fees associated with this process. The costs are divided into three groups – Business setup in Dubai Mainland, Free Zone business setup, and Offshore Company Formation in UAE.A Detailed Overview of all the Dubai company setup packages:

Company registration in Dubai Mainland is described briefly:

(kindly refer to the above table to see the costs associated with each license)

Preliminary Approval + Tasheel from DED  

The Department of Economic Development (DED) allows you to commence your business operations immediately. A nominal one-time fee is charged which lets you start and carry out your business operations for a maximum of 6 months. Until those 6 months, you can complete the other requirements and documentation associated with the business setup.

Fees for the reservation and approval of trade name (one-time cost)

The trade name is the name under which you’ll be operating your business. The cost may differ depending on the nature/demand of the name you wish to reserve. To register the trade name, the following fees are there to pay:

  • Reservation Fees
  • Commercial Name charges
  • Foreign Name etc

The cost of registering the trade name is also a one-time cost and may vary depending on your mandate.

Workplace rent – LLC Business Setup (yearly cost)

Renting a physical workplace for a Mainland business setup is mandatory as it is a way for officials to have an assurance that the organization is indeed legitimate and is adhering to all immigration laws. The rent of the office space could be a yearly/monthly cost.

Attestation MOA fee (one-time cost)

This is a one-time cost and is done amongst the associates/shareholders of your company. The fee can fluctuate as it is contingent on the share investment.

Drafting the Agreement in English and Arabic (one-time cost)

This legally binding arrangement of an LLC business setup is outlined with the mutual consent of all the partners involved. This process needs to be prepared in Arabic in addition to English because LLC businesses have both a local partner and a foreign partner. Therefore, this is to ensure that shareholders fully comprehend the documents that they are signing.

DED registration fee (one-time cost)

The Department of Economic Development (DED) of the emirate you’re registering your business in, will charge a one-time nominal fee to register your LLC business setup.

Mainland Trade License fee (one-time cost alone)

This is a one-time cost but the charges may vary depending on the business activity you plan to conduct. Sometimes security deposit is also required along with the trade license fee.

Cost for a Commercial License in Dubai/Tejari Fees (yearly cost)

This is a yearly cost that enables your company to conduct commercial activities

Chamber of Commerce Fee (yearly cost)

This is the fee that has to be paid to the Chamber of Commerce every year. The cost mentioned belongs to a general trading company. The cost may differ for an industrial or manufacturing company.

Fee for Commercial Services Improvement (Yearly Cost):

This is an annual fee. It is paid to the governmental departments for improvement works.

Administrative services fee (one-time)

This is a one-time expense charged for all the paperwork involved by the department.

Other important expenses you need to account for are listed below:

1: A small percentage of the rental amount of the premises is paid to the government. If it’s an office or a shop, the government charges 5% of the rental amount. For warehouses, 20% of the rental amount is payable to the government.
2: Other additional expenses may occur, depending on the nature of your business setup.

Free Zone business setup costs:

Registration Fee (one-time cost)

Paid to the Free Zone Authority at the initial registration stage. This cost depends on which free zone you are located in as well as the nature of the company.

The annual fee for Free Zone License

Companies under Free Zone jurisdiction are liable to pay this fee. This fee applies to trade companies, service companies plus industrial companies. It’s a single-window procedure for free zone authority.

Rental Cost

One of the main charges for Free Zone Business Setup in Dubai is the rental cost of the office space. The cost of the rental could be a monthly/yearly affair. The number of visas you can apply for and business activities you can conduct depend on the size of the office you rent.

Offshore company setup costs:

Offshore Company registration cost 

This fee is a one-time fee. It is dependent on the jurisdiction of the establishment.

Standard Share capital

Setting up an offshore company is a great way to carry out commercial activities plus also make investments. Some offshore companies come with a requirement of standard share capital, while others don’t have any such requirements.

Offshore Registered Office fee (yearly cost)

It is mandatory to have a registered address for the established corporation.

Open a company bank account in Dubai (one-time cost)

Opening a company bank account in Dubai is mandatory to commercially operate in the UAE. This cannot be done remotely. Therefore you’ll need to be physically present in Dubai.

Agent fee 

Just like free zone companies, offshore company setup also requires the help of a local agent. You’ll need to pay the local agent for his services, whenever your company engages in any governmental procedure. Additionally, you’ll also have to pay the agent every year.

Nominee services

Shareholders, directors, and other nominees are responsible for making decisions during the owner’s absence.

Offshore Business Maintenance Fee:

This yearly fee is for the first legal year to the offshore region’s jurisdiction authority. Then there is a fixed sum fee to the offshore authority from the second year onwards.

Please note that all the information about Dubai Company Formation costs in this article, is to give aspiring investors an overview of the principal costs involved in starting a business in Dubai or the UAE. These costs may vary depending on your company type, your company’s legal structure, business setup jurisdiction, and the latest governmental developments.

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