Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey with Business Link’s Premium Services

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 – With 25 years of expertise in consultancy in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The company has helped more than 15,000 entrepreneurs and foreign investors to start their businesses in the region. Assisting them in deciding on their business activity. And the most suitable jurisdiction to trade licenses and corporate structure based on their business plans.

Offering emerging entrepreneurs timely assistance to start their own businesses in the Emirates. The company through professional facilitation and consultancy ensures working closely in a client-friendly atmosphere.

Over the years, the company has a proven track record of giving its clients positive and reliable business solutions.

The logistic team takes care of all legal formalities and documentation of the business clients. Besides offering custom business solutions to different businesses queries, the company helps in facilitating business setups in Dubai, UAE, and closure to supporting our clients with varied PRO services (including visa services, license, Ejari, custom registration, embassy services), legal consultancy, and other administrative services.

Since 1999, the company has ensured that its business clients receive consistent, hassle-free, and quality services to start a profitable business in the UAE.

The main agenda of the company foresees mutual progress with growing customer clients. The company’s specialized team members work closely with government officials. They are responsible for establishing trust between the consultancy firm to the business clients. Due to its reputation and commitment to serving clients for over a decade, Business Link confidently is the best service provider in the region ensuring that your business is well-handled legally and operationally.

About Business Link UAE is a leading Business Setup consultant in Dubai established in 1999. We help entrepreneurs start their businesses and support them in order to build a successful brand.

We offer tailored company formation and business visa solutions to start, build, and grow businesses in Dubai and UAE. Our holistic approach covers end-to-end business services to provide a one-stop destination for all corporate business setup needs and beyond.

Original Publication at Gulf News