A Complete Business Plan for Starting Perfume Business in Dubai

Dubai has an image of being a visionary city that shapes its own destiny. The spirit of possible and wise foresight of its leaders has been the hallmark of Dubai’s economic progress in recent decades. What once was a quiet city, has quickly become a top tourist destination and business tourism. Becoming the innovative and innovative city it is today: the crossroads of opportunities.

As companies seek to expand their reach in the Gulf markets. Perfume business plans are increasingly serving their products to local consumers. By merging traditional oriental elements with French techniques. Regional fragrance brands have taken note of this trend and are making additions to their product ranges. To serve this new segment and remain competitive in what could be perceived as a saturated market, experts say.

About Perfume Manufacturing

Traditionally, perfumes were produced manually and then sold in souks, but the last decade has seen major changes in the industry, with the UAE establishing itself as an international destination and a strategic commercial center for the perfume industry.

Open a perfume business setup in Dubai, can put you on the road to financial prosperity. But you should only venture on your own after completing your research and creating a solid perfume business plan. You will also need a Perfume Business UAE license to start the trip. The UAE perfume market is worth 500 million dollars. The market expects to reach 685 million dollars in 2023. Dubai has had strong growth in the number of international perfume houses that have been established here in the last two decades.

Understanding the Perfume Market

Historically, perfumes have played an important role in the expansion of international trade in the Middle East. The region has had its native ingredients that have now become familiar throughout the world. International brands have run to the CCG to serve the local market and expatriates with significant disposable income and a taste for premium brands. In recent years, social networks have helped increase the popularity of many local brands.

Having Dubai Perfumery

If you are looking to start a perfume manufacturing facility, you have several free zone options available. Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Industrial City, and Dubai South Free Zone provide facilities to handle the manufacture of perfumes. The free zone you select may depend on the size of the facility you are looking for, the logistics providers available on the site and the costs of incorporation.

There are many entrepreneurs who have made a fortune by establishing a point of sale of perfumes. A point of sale in one of the many shopping centers in Dubai attracts not only local ex-pats with high disposable income but also serves the growing tourist market. In a survey of tourists who visited Dubai, a bottle of perfume was one of the most popular gifts or purchases for personal use. With a massive increase in tourists during Dubai Expo 2020 and beyond, it is easy to see why there will be robust growth in this sector.

A retail store in most places in Dubai will require it to be incorporated through a local license through the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). This license requires a local citizen as a partner. We, the business consultants in Dubai can help you obtain that partner while simultaneously protecting your business interests.

Let Us Take Away Your Stress

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