A Complete Guide to Start a Photography Business in Dubai

UAE is known for its tourism and tourism without photography is like a heart without a beat.”

The UAE is one of the most fun places to start your photography business. Like all other businesses, there are numerous opportunities for photographers in Dubai. Whether you want to establish a photography business in Dubai as a freelancer or organization, abundant opportunities will be the driving forces. This can be the key to getting more profit.

If you want to start a new business in Dubai, the process is very easy and quick. While photography is a pretty competitive business in Dubai, there are several opportunities across the mainland and free zones. The Dubai Media City is a great place to start your photography business in Dubai.

3 Things to consider while starting a photography business in Dubai

If you want to start your own photography company in Dubai, there are certain important points to consider which include:

Know your area of specialization

It is crucial that you know what your area of specialization is. Photography is a very diverse field that has branches like commercial photography, wedding photography, and much more. When you want to start a business about the same in Dubai, you need to know what area you excel in. Therefore, you need to choose any one of them and proceed with it accordingly.

Have the equipment

Equipment is of utmost importance when you are starting a business in the UAE. Since photography is all about the proper use of equipment, it is necessary to identify which one you would need the most.

Having the right equipment plays an important role in helping you drive business. As per reports, the customers are likely to trust and hire professionals who have a professional set of equipment. The right set of equipment will also help to improve your skills.

Brand promotion

No business can survive if there is no promotion. If you want to reach out to your audience, they must know you. The best way to do brand promotion is to create a portfolio. If you start an online business, you can upload the portfolio on your website. It is important that you create a portfolio that showcases your talent and skills.

Where should you start your photography business?

Once you decide to start a photography business, it is important that you choose the right place. Dubai has various opportunities. Nonetheless, there are other places as well offering a range of opportunities. As a freelance photographer, you can set up a business in Dubai Media City or Dubai Studio City. These places are great if you have a limited budget. You can apply for the photography business license from the respective free zone authority.

However, if you want to set up a company, you need to apply for a photography business license. You can apply for a photography license in Dubai at the Department of Economic Development. You need to have a physical site to start your business.

The Dubai Media City has certain rules that you must follow if you want to start a business here. If you want to start a photography business as a freelancer, you need to submit these documents:

  • Business plan
  • References
  • Copy of your passport
  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Sample of Work
  • Reference Letter from the previous employer

How Much Does It Cost?

The price will vary depending on the type and space of the business setup. Once you submit the documents and pay the necessary fee, you will get the free zone license, desk space, and security. If you are new, you need the help of professionals. A company formation expert in Dubai can help you.

Company Registration

The business formation expert knows the entire process of setting up the business. Since the rules in Dubai are pretty strict, you need someone who can guide you. A business consultant can support you in the entire process. They can work on all the activities and help you understand what the next step is. This will make business registration easy.

You should choose a business name for smooth functioning. When you start your business in Dubai, you need to make the right choice. Your business name should be according to the laws of Dubai. You need to choose a name that is not offensive to anyone. The laws for naming businesses in Dubai are pretty strict. Since the naming conventions are easy, you need to follow the rules. You should not name your business after yourself. Moreover, you should not name your business anything offensive.

Apply for a videography or photography license in Dubai

You need to define what your business activities are. However, you do not have to worry about applying for the different licenses as per your business. All you need to apply for is a professional service license. Within this type of license, you can conduct various activities- videography or photography.

If you need a photography business license you can either apply at the DED or the free zones. However, in this case, you will need to provide the below documents:

  • Complete application form
  • Passport copy of the owner(s)
  • Two passport copies of colored photos

The process of setting up a photography business is easy in free zones. Moreover, it is pretty affordable as well. The process is very fast too. When you start your business in the free zone, you can get the benefit of exemption from income and customs tax. Furthermore, there is no currency restriction or foreign exchange control for businesses set up in the UAE free zones.

In the free zones, the business owners also get the benefit of fully-equipped business units. Some of the other popular facilities offered in this region include:

  • Fast-internet access via LAN and WiFi
  • Meeting room
  • Telephone and fax services
  • Printing and copying
  • Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Receptionist

When you apply for business setup in the free zone, the documents will be ready in a few days. After that, you can also apply for your and employees’ visas. If you have your family or any domestic staff, as the owner, you have the flexibility to sponsor their visas as well.

Opening a Bank Account

You also need to have a corporate bank account. This will help to make trade easier. The business setup professionals at Businesslink can therefore help you with the process. They will help you choose a reliable bank for opening an account.

Future of Photography in Dubai

This is an excellent time to start your photography business in Dubai. In recent times, there have been several developments. Growth opportunities have led to AR interaction and 3D object capture. This is also paving the way for in-depth photography. Dubai has always been at the forefront of technological change. Therefore, this can be an ideal place to start a business. If you have new ideas, you can bring change and pave the way for better business.