Visa Services – Types of Visa Services in Dubai

UAE is an exciting place to visit. Irrespective of the purpose, one needs to have a visa to enter the country. But which visa type will work for you is essential to know. The UAE government allows any working in the nation basis these visas. There are different types of visas applicable in the UAE basis the purpose of the visit. Business Link UAE is one of the leading consultants for Dubai Visas Experts offering different types of Visa Services at affordable cost with minimum documentation.

Business Link UAE provides – different types of Visa Services in the UAE

Tourist visa

– Tourist visa is applicable for people from across the world who are entering UAE to visit the country for leisure. It comes with two types of validity – 30 days and 90 days. Also, it can come with the option of single or multiple entries. In 30 days condition, the visa is valid for 58 days from the issuance date but allows a person to stay for not more than 30 days in UAE.

Family visa

– Also known as the resident visa is valid for three years. It makes you eligible for permanent residency in UAE, but you need to be visit Emirates once in 6 months. The essential criteria to call family here is that male ex-pats should have a minimum of AED 4000/month or AED 3000/month + accommodation. For the female ex-pat, the minimum salary is AED 10,000/accommodation or AED 8000/month + accommodation. Whereas teachers, doctors, and the equivalent should have a minimum wage of AED 5000/month.

Work visa

– Also known as an employment visa; it is a must for people from across the world who are willing to work in the UAE. This may vary based on the type of work and employment. It requires the applicant to have a job offer and undergo a medical examination too. The employer needs to fill the application and fees. There are no extra formalities required while leaving or re-entering UAE.

Business visa

– To run a business in UAE, there’s a need for a business visa. Any entrepreneur from across the world can set up a business here. The person requires experience and a strong business plan. The visa approval is done after approval from Federal Authority for citizenship and identity. Here you can set up business in the mainland, free zone, or offshore.

Maid visa

– To have a maid from outside UAE, the applicant needs to have a valid maid visa in Dubai. In addition to documentation, the applicant who plans to work here as a domestic helper needs to undergo medical fitness tests. In case one needs to sponsor a housemaid, they need to have a residency visa.

There are many other visa services applicable in the UAE, like

  1. Investor visa – focused on foreign investors to grow foreign investments in the UAE.
  2. Freelance visa – offered by free zone jurisdictions with a validity of 2 years. Allowing you to conduct freelance work in the nation
  3. Student visa – Needed for international students who wish to pursue studies in UAE colleges and Universities. It has a validity of 5 years.

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