UAE Long Term Visa Cost – 5 Year Visa at 650 AED and 10 Year Visa at 1,150 AED

UAE Government Announces Charges for New Long-Term and Multi-Entry Visas

Have you ever planned to move to an exciting and amazing country, such as the UAE? Well, get ready because you might be the next who gets a permanent residency in UAE.

As an expat, there’s too much paperwork and countless processes you have to go through just to get residencies in any country. With the UAE’s flexible system, issuing the permanent residency in the UAE being an expat has never been so comfortable.

Whether it’s for only you, your family or a friend, there are many types and kinds of visas, depending on the specific case. There are long term family visas, five-year visas and ten-year visas in the UAE. Also, there are investor’s long term residence visas. Isn’t it great?

How Does the System Work?

As already mentioned, there are several types of visas. There are five-year visas and ten-year visas. The kind of visa one would be eligible to get would depend on the status of the person.

Affordable Prices

Experts say that the visa charges are very affordable compared to other first world countries. While in countries like the UK a visa can cost around Dh5, 000, a five-year visa in UAE can be obtained for Dh650 and a ten-year visa in UAE for Dh1, 150.

Who is Eligible for a UAE Visa?

  • Entrepreneurs: entrepreneurs will be eligible for a 5 year-visa. With this agreement, they also can upgrade the entrepreneur visa to an investor’s visa (only if they meet all of the requirements).
  • Investors: those who invest in private property will be eligible for a five-year residence; meanwhile, those involved in public investments will be granted a residency ten-year visa that can be renewed. This is also known as a long term residence visa for investors.
  • Outstanding students: those students that carry outstanding grades in secondary schools (public and private) and a 3.75 or more GPA for those who graduate from universities will be granted a 5-year visa.
  • Specialized talents: scientists, inventors, executives, doctors and specialists, and anyone who has a specialized talent or is a researcher in the field of science is eligible for a ten-year visa. This also applies to artists and others in the field of culture and arts.

Residence Golden Card

The famous Golden Card is basically a permanent residency for investors.  Experts say that this strategy will give investors lots of confidence to settle their businesses and lives in the UAE.

At the same time, this is a Gold Ticket for UAE’s real estate business. The residency golden card will create lots of demands in the real estate market. This gesture will boost Dubai’s and Abu Dhabi’s economies.

Get Help

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what kind of visa you are eligible for. Get in touch with Business Link UAE. Our consultants will help you out with all the paperwork. We can help you get long term visas in Dubai for you and your family in a totally smooth and efficient manner.

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