Typing Center Investment in Dubai: Your Complete Guide

Typing Center Investment in UAE- Your Complete Guide

In Dubai, a typing center is crucial in assisting individuals and businesses with various document processing needs. These centers are known for their efficiency in handling government and legal procedures paperwork. If you are in Dubai and require document typing, application submissions, and other administrative tasks, the typing center is a valuable resource.  They are skilled at completing various varieties of applications, and they can also advise you on the kind of data and supporting paperwork to include in the form.

In this article, we will talk about typing centers in Dubai. What to expect from a typing center scoop of services and what are the requirements to set up a typing center in Dubai?

What are the activities of the Typing Center in Dubai

  1. Document Typing: The typing center specializes in preparing and typing documents required for government and legal purposes. This includes visa applications, immigration forms, business documents, and lease agreements. The typists at these centers are well-versed in the specific requirements and formats for various document types.
  2. Application Assistance: Many government-related processes in Dubai involve filling out applications and forms. The typing center offers assistance in completing these applications accurately. The typing center staff can guide you if you’re applying for a visa, a trade license, or any other government-related service.
  3. Photocopying and Scanning: Typing centers typically provide photocopying and scanning services. This is particularly useful when you need multiple copies of essential documents or when you’re required to submit both hard and soft copies of specific paperwork.
  4. Government Form Filling: Government forms can be intricate and require specific information. Typing center specializes in accurately filling out these forms based on the details provided by clients. This ensures that the paperwork meets the necessary standards and reduces the likelihood of errors.
  5. Translation Services: Some typing centers in Dubai may offer translation services, helping individuals and businesses translate documents from one language to another. This can be essential for official documents that must be submitted to government authorities.
  6. Legal Documentation Support: For legal processes such as court applications, affidavits, and power of attorney documents, typing centers can assist in preparing the necessary paperwork. While they cannot provide legal advice, they can ensure the documents are correctly formatted and contain the required information.
  7. Payment of Government Fees: Some typing centres facilitate the payment of government fees related to various applications. This streamlines the process for clients needing easy access to specific payment methods.
  8. Online Services: With the digital transformation in the UAE, many typing centers now offer online services, allowing clients to submit their requests and receive completed documents electronically. This adds convenience and flexibility to the document processing experience.
  9. Notary Services: While not all typing centers offer notary services, some may provide essential notarization for specific documents. Individuals are usually directed to official notary public offices for more complex legal notarization requirements.

Below are the steps involved in registering a typing business in Dubai:

  • Choosing a Legal Structure for Your Typing Center
  • Applying to the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Acquiring the Essential Trade License
  • Familiarizing Yourself with Local Compliance and Regulations.

Further approval may be necessary based on the range of services offered.

Advantages of Typing Center in Dubai

Despite the availability of online services for personal use, people may choose to employ the typing centers in Dubai for the following benefits:

1. Payment technique: This is because in order to proceed with the transaction for the online services, you must have a legitimate credit card, debit card, or even a card issued by the UAE. Therefore, if none of these appeal to you, you might prefer to finish the process at typing center.

2. Service availability: Another reason you should use a typing centre in Dubai is that some transactions are exclusively available to them. You may not be permitted or capable of completing all of your online tasks on your own.

3. Error in the system: When using online public services, you may encounter difficulties with a specific issue. If this occurs, you should visit a to correct and complete the assignment.

4. Convenience: On the other side, you may want to have the nearby typing centre agents handle the transactions online because it is more convenient for you.

Types of Documents Attestation in UAE

  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Attestation, UAE
  • MEA (Ministry of External Affair) Attestation UAE
  • Embassy Attestation UAE

Document Attestation Procedure

  • All types of documents from another country, such as a graduation certificate, birth certificate, or marriage certificate, and you want to use them inside the UAE.
  • It has to be attested to your home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE Consulate, or the UAE Embassy.
  • After you have to attest it from Dubai Foreign Affairs to apply for an employment visa, work permit, wife visa, kids visa,

Legal Translation Services

Business Link UAE is proud to introduce itself in serving all types of translation needs of any type of company in Dubai, UAE. With our in-house qualified translators, we offer a 100% guarantee of an accurate and perfect translation. We handle all types of document translation services in the most timely and effective manner. Our expert legal translators are capable of handling all kinds of legal documents, such as contracts, memoranda of Association, powers of Attorney, Marriage certificates, and graduation certificates.

Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD)

We support our clients in preparing their applications for the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (Immigration). We prepare applications such as entry permits and Residency visas.

Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA)

All expatriates must register for Emirates ID before stamping their residence permit. EIDA issues Emirates IDs for 1 to 3 years as per their residence permit. We do the applications for new or renewals, modify, lose, and replace Emirates IDs.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

Dubai government ensures the health of people who live in Dubai with the support of the Dubai Health Authority. We do the following applications for DHA:

  • VIP Medical Fitness
  • 24 Hours Medical Fitness
  • 48 Hours Medical Fitness
  • Normal Medical Fitness
Dubai Municipality (DM)

All the expatriates working in food-related areas such as restaurants, cafeterias, etc. must obtain occupational health cards from Dubai Municipality (DM) every year. We do a new or renewal of occupational health card application for DM.

Documents Required to Process Occupation Health Card (OHC)

  • Occupational Health Card Application Form
  • Attach a passport-size photo (identical photo)
  • The Copy of the Passport with the Visa page
  • Old occupational health care (OHC): in case of renewal
  • Original Covering Letter & Copy of Covering Letter
  • Must Require a company License
  • Payment Voucher & Receipt

Typing Services

Business Link UAE has many years of experience in typing services and providing quality services to our customers at competitive rates. We also help in providing typing center services that are related to family visas, translation services, occupational health card registration (OHC), visa medical services, WPS services, TASHEL services, PRO Services, typing of labor and immigration documents, and office documentation services. We can submit online applications to the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD), Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and Dubai Municipality (DM).

Attestation services, legal translation services, and typing center services by Business Link UAE are accurate and cost-effective services in Dubai, UAE. The expert professionals at Business Link UAE specialize in preparing all types of e-forms and online applications for any kind of permit and license. The customers get their transactions faster and easier. Our professionals have long years of experience in the industry, and we help our clients prepare all documents required by government authorities. We have our own in-house translation and typing team to offer the services at competitive prices.

For more information, contact us at 00 971 50 205 2735 or email us at info@businesslinkuae.com