Types of Visa Services and Procedures

Types of Visa

If you are looking to set up a new company in Dubai, you must first ask yourself? Have I applied for the necessary visa for me to enter and stay in the city? This is the most essential part of your potential visit to the city. At the initial stages of your new business set up in Dubai, it will surely entail you to frequent your site often. Call upon us at Business Link UAE. Business Link UAE promises to provide you with all types of visa services and procedures pertaining to your needs here in Dubai.

In this glorious city of opportunities, the potential for small businesses to implement new business ideas in Dubai is quite vast and expansive. Let us take care of those minor details for your visa stays here, while you divert your attention solely to building your new business set up in Dubai.

With a clear intention on why you are coming over, whether it’s for a new business set up in Dubai or for the sights and views of the local attractions, you will be looking at different types of visa services to be obtained. They are:

  • Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Multiple-entry Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Service Visa
  • Work Visa

Documents Required for different Types of Visa Services Application

Dubai is among the best places to visit as well as a lucrative investment hub within the UAE. Among its ever-expansive economic development projects and an abundance of beautiful tourist sites. It is quite relevant that most people around the world would highly consider to tour or even migrate to the metropolitan city.

Nevertheless, to which country you are coming from, you will first need to apply for Visa according to your visit here in Dubai. To start any kind of work in Dubai you should hold a valid visa.

Preparing Documents:

You are required to prepare the necessary documents and materials for the processing of your visa applications.

The required documents needed generally stay the same which are:

  • Passport copy (color)
  • Passport photograph (color)
  • Memorandum of Association copy/ relevant document (if requested)
  • Trade license copy (if requested)
  • List of company partners (if requested)
  • Bank statement (up to 6 months)

Documents are required for some visa verification process. Therefore always consider a local business consultancy agent for you to have on standby if you require his advice.

Why Business Link UAE?

Business setup services in Dubai are abundant for you to be able to source for. However, opting to entrust one for your visa processes may require you to cross-refer with any local networks in the city. To build a business set up in Dubai free-zones, the Dubai Free zone company setup cost, not all business setup companies in Dubai specialize in that category (but we do!). 

Business Link UAE is a company built by experienced people with vast experience within the local industries of Dubai.

We provide all the legal formalities related to all types of visa services and procedures required for Business Setup. Our business setup consultants in Dubai are also highly commendable and proven by holding portfolios of reputable clients under their belts. Whatever your current need for the business may be. We provide professional business consultancy services suited to help small businesses in Dubai prosper in the near future.