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trademark registration in ksa

Saudi Arabia’s economy is one of the strongest in the world. It has recently become a top destination for investors from all around the world. The government’s support and the Kingdom’s vision of encouraging investment, in addition to Saudi legislation, ensures trademark registration and corporate rights protection.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. This supports the establishment of companies in Saudi Arabia and encourages investors to register their brands. Business Link in Saudi Arabia has introduced a new service for trademark registration.

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What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a creative distinction used as an identification mark to distinguish between a company’s products or services and other competing companies’ products. Furthermore, the trademark can be a name, word, illumination, shape, image, or stamp, as well as software, application, or website, and can be the sum of all these commercial forms.

The SAIP – Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property provides many trademark-related services, including trademark registration, renewal, modification, transfer of ownership, license application or cancellation, mortgage, and appeal.

Trademark Classification System in KSA

Trademarks in Saudi Arabia are classified into 45 classes according to the International Classification of Goods and Services. Each class has a list of products/services subject to it. Choosing the right trademark class for a brand is critical to protecting the company’s rights. Business Link experts are ready to take on this responsibility for registering your trademark in Saudi Arabia.

Requirements for Trademark Registration in Saudi Arabia

The trademark application must be submitted with a notarized power of attorney authenticated by a Saudi Arabian consulate.

Multi-class applications are not allowed in Saudi Arabia. So then, a separate request is required for each class of goods/services.

The official language of the proceedings before the Saudi Patent Office is Arabic.

1. Power of attorney in the applicant’s name and address in full, duly notarized, and legalized up to the Saudi Consulate.

2. Passport copy of the applicant(s).

3. List of products and services in the trademark.

4. Copy of Trade License.

5. High-quality representation of the trademark in JEPG form.

6. Two certified copies of the Articles of Association duly legalized up to the Saudi Consulate.

Trademark Application Process

1. Trademark Search/Registration Order Form: The business Link consultant will check the information for the goods and registration details, then provide preliminary advice and classify the client’s goods and services. The Saudi Intellectual Property Authority’s website is the entity to submit the order form.

2. Fee payment: Once the pre-filing search fees are paid, Business Link’s consultant will conduct the pre-filing search, and a search report will be sent to the client. The General Administration of Trademarks of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will search the trademark records for similar trademarks. They will also see if the trademark satisfies the registration requirements.

After study, the ministry will decide one of these two decisions:

  • Acceptance or refusal: subject to the amendment condition (waive period of 90 days in case of acceptance, or 10 days in case of refusal).
  • Final refusal: If not adjusted within the specified time limit (10 days),

Or if the modification does not meet the required requirements

4. Once the trademark registration acceptance is ready, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will publish it in the official website. 

5. If there is no objection from a third party, the General Administration of Trademarks of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will issue the registration certificate. Our consultant will review and send the certificate to you.

Trademark Validity

Registration of trademarks in Saudi Arabia is valid for a renewable period of 10 years (9 years and 8 months by the Gregorian calendar), starting from the registration date.

Trademark Cancellation

The trademark is subject to cancellation if  5 years pass from the issue of the registration certificate without using it. Also, it is susceptible to cancellation if a continuous period of 5 years passes without using it.

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