Everything you need to know about Temporary Work Visa in Saudi Arabia


The Saudi temporary work visa stands as a pivotal gateway for global professionals eager to contribute their skills to the Kingdom’s flourishing economy. Launched in April 2023 by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD), this visa introduces a flexible and inclusive approach to temporary employment, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to economic growth and diversity.

Understanding the Saudi Temporary Work Visa:

The new temporary work visa is a transformative addition, now accessible to a broad spectrum of workers. Sponsored by registered companies in Saudi Arabia, it offers a one-year validity, enabling multiple trips, each lasting up to 90 days. This flexibility showcases Saudi Arabia’s dedication to embracing a diverse workforce.

Issued through the Qiwa platform, the visa streamlines the hiring process, catering to specific, temporary roles necessitating particular skills. Compared to traditional visas, it is swiftly issued with minimal paperwork, aligning with Saudi Arabia’s aim to create an efficient framework for temporary employment.

Requirements and Eligibility:

To apply for the Temporary Work Visa through Qiwa, employers must adhere to specific criteria, including possession of a valid Commercial Register, an “Existing” status, a Nitiqat rating of medium green or higher, compliance with the Wage Protection System (WPS), and maintaining a sufficient visa issuance balance.

Benefits and Transformative Impact:

The Saudi temporary work visa serves as a gateway to global talent, inviting professionals worldwide to contribute to the Kingdom’s dynamic economy. It acts as a catalyst for economic growth, fostering diversity and inclusion by encouraging professionals from diverse backgrounds. This evolution propels growth initiatives by infusing new ideas, technologies, and methodologies into the Saudi workforce.

Cost and Fees:

Acquiring the visa involves compliance with explicit regulations and payment of necessary fees. It includes; a visa fee, residence fee, and insurance fee. Businesses looking to navigate this process seamlessly can turn to Business Link.  Our dedicated team is committed to assisting at every stage of the visa application process.


The Saudi temporary work visa represents a significant stride towards creating a more accessible and inclusive environment for global professionals. The Kingdom welcomes talent from various corners of the world. Positioning itself to thrive in an era of innovation and economic expansion. For those eyeing opportunities in Saudi Arabia, understanding and navigating the nuances of the temporary work visa is key. A gateway to unlocking exciting professional prospects in one of the Middle East’s most dynamic economies.
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