Subsidiary Company Setup in KSA

Start your subsidiary or LLC Company in Saudi Arabia

A subsidiary company setup in KSA is one that’s gaining immense popularity rapidly. As the economy of Saudi Arabia flourished, the country saw an abundance of investments being made within the country, by locals as well as with the help of foreign investors. KSA saw many new milestones being achieved, undertook several developmental projects, and reassessed regulations that the country eventually benefitted from.

Similarly, the bringing in of the Subsidiary company type too was a monumental change within the country that was greatly appreciated by locals and foreigners alike!

A subsidiary is an entity where the controlling interest is either totally or partially held by another company, often known as the holding company. A subsidiary company setup in KSA, unlike a branch office, does not report to the parent organization. This benefits the company for the purposes of taxation, regulation and liability. Its obligations are also typically its own and are not usually a liability of the parent company.

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Benefits of establishing a subsidiary

Documents required to set up a subsidiary

The documents required to open a subsidiary are relatively straightforward and easy to obtain/draft. These are;

Things to keep in mind

Process of setting up a Subsidiary Company

Our consultants understand the technicalities that go into the process of setting up a business in Saudi Arabia and this allows us to not only assist you better but also be ahead of the process thanks to our key links with government bodies. Here’s how we assist you in setting up your subsidiary;

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