Steps to Opening a Childcare Center in Dubai, UAE

10 Things to consider when Opening a Childcare Center in Dubai

The UAE economy has been continuously booming in several domains. The concept of Emiratization has opened multiple gateways in different business domains. In 2018, Emiratization in the United Arab Emirates had accelerated to 200% for both men and women. Now, this proves to be a challenge for women with newborn babies. To solve this problem, and to head towards the Dubai Women’s Establishment, the UAE government has started off with the introduction of child care.

The main strategy behind the initiative is to help women improvise their capacity for excellence in their respective areas and to take a leadership positions. The creation of a favorable environment especially focused on mothers will make an essential contribution to the economy.

Being an investor or an entrepreneur, you have the best resource that could contribute significantly to the economy of the Emirates. To start a business in the UAE related to the development of child care, Business Link UAE jots down the essentials for you.

Areas to be taken care of when starting a Dubai Child Care Business:

Business Plan

No matter how small your company is, starting the process of creating a child care center business plan ranks first. A well-documented business plan that presents all possible figures and financial initiatives can help you understand your business needs and take the necessary steps.

Obtain a Business License

To start a child care center in Dubai, one of the essential elements you must have is a Child Care Business License in Dubai. In the United Arab Emirates, multiple commercial licenses are offered depending on the nature of the business.

Choose the Best Location

For your business to work, you must choose a perfect location. The selection of an area that lacks the target market will not be beneficial for the business. In terms of knowledge, as well as competition.


Once you have decided on the best location, the next step is to hire the right professionals who can understand the Nursery business setup in Dubai.

Invest in Equipment

A child care center expects to have the necessary equipment that will help the child grow and learn. Placing the right equipment to build trust in the minds of parents will ultimately cause them to leave their children in a learning environment.

Drafting a Childcare Manual

It is necessary to develop a childcare manual for all commercial entities that deal with this domain.

Health Care

Since your center will deal with children, it is essential to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of any disease. Adequate nutrition must also provide in adequate quantities to meet nutritional needs.

Activity Planning

In the next step, you must plan the activities that will be carried out on the premises.

Secure your Business

There is no definite time for accidents, and they occur. It is always preferable to take precautions beforehand.

Hire a Consultant

For your child care center business plan, all the points mentioned above become easy to execute if you have a helping hand. Understanding legal laws is one of the crucial aspects of any business, and a consultant can help you with that. Our experts in the field are known in the laws of the Emirates.