Complete Guide on How to Start an Office Supply Business in Dubai?

Stuck with choosing the right business to set up in UAE? Ever given a thought to set up your own Office Supply Business in Dubai?? Read along and find out why you should do so and how. Office supplies are in great demand for offices, schools, and other institutions. Emirates Industrial Bank (EIB) has released reports that state the demand for office supply has been growing rapidly over the past years. With this wide chance of possibilities added with the advantages of the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, it’s the right time for your business setup in Dubai.

Complete Guide in setting up a successful Office Supply Business in Dubai


Decide your business model The type of license you must attain depends on your business model. For example, if you have an online stationery shop and a local distributor who handles all your orders, then an inexpensive free zone license will be the right one for you. You can set up a local shop anywhere in Dubai if you have a local license. Even though the initial start-up and operational costs are higher, a local shop has its advantages. You can ensure 100% satisfaction from your customers, as they can check out the products directly before placing their orders.

Step 2:

Get your Office Supply License You will need an LLC (Limited Liability Company) License for your office supply business. While setting up an LLC company, 49% of the share is held by the immigrant business owner and 51% by a Local Sponsor. You can find a local sponsor for your business within a few simple steps. Applying for LLC Business License is a hassle-free process and can be done in no time. 2 Make sure you have the following documents to acquire a license: 1. Passport copies of the company shareholders (2 – 50 members) 2. Non-Objection Certificate if you hold a residence visa 3. Residence / Visiting Visa 4. Ejari Registration / Tenancy Contract

Step 3:

now your target area Before starting your office supply business, make sure you have proper knowledge regarding the area where you wish to set up your business store. For this, you can conduct an informal survey that gives relevant details regarding the potential institutions that will find your services useful. Ensure that your store remains central to these target institutions. This will help you with timely deliveries, immediate customer services, and more sales. Once you have decided where to set up your store, inform the potential customers in the target area regarding your new venture and its services. A brochure, flyer, or business card will do the job.

Step 4:

The storage space acquired must serve the best Ensure that the space acquired, for your office supply business, has adequate storage facilities so that you can keep your office supplies stocks. Be aware of the climatic conditions in the target area and make sure the storage space can withstand all these weather conditions. This ensures the good quality of the stock. Also, a proper transportation facility for delivering the supplies without damage and loss is a must.

Step 5:

The closer, the better It’s better when you have your location closer to that of your supplier. They must be capable of providing you the office supply items whenever your customers ask for them. You can also cut down your transportation costs if these suppliers deliver the items right to your place. 3

Step 6:

Never miss the Marketing and Networking The fate of your business also depends on how you showcase your services to your target audience. Marketing and networking play a crucial role in promoting your business among your existing and new audiences. Make sure that you exploit the best channels to promote your brand, and this will give more exposure to your company, which results in more sales.

Activities that would be covered to get an Office Supply License

  • Stationary Trading –

Includes reselling stationery, like copying and paper, notebooks, record books, various sorts of pens and pencils, rulers, sharpeners, paper perforators, paper clipping requisites, ready stamps, typewriters ribbons, and other stationery materials, also, drawing requisites including geometrical drawing pencils, decorative pens, rulers, triangular rulers, colors, color pencils, ink, paper, etc.

  • Multi-Dimensional Images Trading (HOLOGRAM) –

Includes firms that provide other concerns with multi-dimensional imaged posters, pictures, and stamps as per their commercial and professional equipment, these firms aren’t involved within the production process, but by specialized printing houses.

  • Calculators & Spare Parts Trading

Includes reselling the device want to perform both basic and sophisticated operations of arithmetic.

  • Office Furniture Trading

Includes reselling of office desks, chairs, tables, cabinets, etc., trading of office equipment and shops fittings

Steps for obtaining the office supplies license

Office supplies license is an LLC (limited liability company) license. In the case of LLC license, the 49 percent shares are held by the ex-pat and therefore the 51 percent shares by the UAE national. This will be a traditional trading license with nonexternal approvals.

  1. Obtaining of trade name for the company
  2. Getting the initial approval
  3. Preparing the Memorandum of Association for the company
  4. Final Submission to Dubai Economic Department
  5. License issuance

Documents required to issue a license

  1. Passport copies of shareholders
  2. NOC in case of holding a residence visa
  3. Residence visa / Visit visa
  4. Ejari / tenancy contract

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