Start Foodstuff Trading Business in Dubai

Dubai has historically been a trading center and that is owing to its geographical location and financial placement in modern world economics. This is why setting up a business in Dubai would not be surprising taking into account the atmosphere of the business and the provisions that enable it rather than discourage it. UAE is also a member of the WTO (World Trade Organization) and has the provision for free zone company setup and other facilities that is sure to bear a positive impact on your business. Dubai also has minimal foreign exchange restrictions which makes it a very good option for setting up any trading business. Out of all the sectors within trading, foodstuff sees a lot of competition. It is because of the standard that UAE maintains regarding the quality and the reputation it has earned us a reliable foodstuff trading hub.

If you are also thinking about getting started on foodstuff trading in Dubai, you should take a look at the following steps that will help you.

Steps To Be Followed for Starting Foodstuff Trading Business In Dubai

  • Plan your business 

    – Just wanting to know what you want to operate in is not enough. Before you apply to register yourself as a company in Dubai, you need to have a concrete plan of business. Some of the decisions that you might have to take include the location of the office. The number of employees, any tie-up with a bigger brand. Whether you want to operate as a wholesale company or a retailing one. It is only when you have these nuances figured, out will you be able to paint a reliable picture of yourself and make the setup easy.

  • Get in touch with a registration agent

    – There is a varying degrees of licenses and jurisdictions. To choose from and each allows a certain kind of activity and liberation. You will have to figure out the combinations that work for you. Registering agents will not only help you figure this out but will aid you in the registration as well. This is a very important step. As it will determine your space of operation and can make or break your business.

  • Get your license

    – If you are setting up your business in the free zone. There will be 100% investor ownership whereas this will share if you get a local license. The license may vary in costs and will help you delve into more products as you go higher. The general license will give you the right to trade a wider range of products. The documents required from your side here would include visas, employee information, domain name registration, and so on.

  • Find a sponsor

    – If you are operating locally, which is common for foodstuff trading in Dubai, you would need to finalize the UAE local sponsor you want and their degree of involvement and concern.

  • Get the itemized costs

    – You would have to cover itemized costs for the registration to complete. This would be exclusive of the visa costs. It usually takes 45-60 business days to get this complete. But your constant availability can speed up the process.

Business Link UAE will help you in setting up foodstuff trading in Dubai. We will help you navigate through all these steps without much hassle.