Software Company Setup in Dubai

The ever-evolving Dubai has a quite successful IT industry.

Among these are the interest of federal and local governments in creating a modern infrastructure based on new technology, as well as the large number of young foreign entrepreneurs who come to work for companies in Dubai.

In addition, Dubai has some of the best free zones in the world dedicated to investors interested in creating companies in the IT field.

The software sector in Dubai is the hero of the play when it comes to the most important branches of the IT industry here.

The number of software companies that emerged in Dubai in recent years has grown. Considerably thanks to the innovation that is now used in most public services in the emirate.

With a well-structured IT sector, Dubai is among the Emirates that offers the right conditions to establish related activities.

Entrepreneurs have the possibility of placing products and services or choosing only one way of doing business.

Taking into account the end customer to which these services are direct. Your software company can succeed in both directions.

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Where can you set up a software company in Dubai?

The IT industry in Dubai is expected to grow considerably. As recent surveys indicate that by 2020, this sector will generate 22 billion AED.

The annual growth of this industry is expected to reach 3.5% from next year. As the population more inclined to use applications created by software companies.

Those interested in starting a software business in Dubai can register it in mainland Dubai or in one of the free zones.

Among the free zones that were specifically designed to accommodate IT companies, including software companies are:

  • Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Media City
  • Dubai Knowledge Village

Our company’s incorporation consultants in Dubai can help with the registration of a software company in mainland Dubai or in one of the free zones.

How to register a software business in Dubai?

Those who want to open a software company in Dubai can choose several structures since this type of business is suitable for those who wish to establish a small or large company.

The licenses required for the creation of such businesses are the commercial or professional license, as well as other special permits issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Our local agents can help you with the preparation of documents related to starting a software company in Dubai.

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