Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Business Setup

Known as one of the most dynamic free zones in the UAE, the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) is a free zone in UAE committed to quality and excellence. Thanks to its strategic location and easy access to seaports on the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Gulf, SAIF Zone offers an ideal location and attractive features for investors and entrepreneurs wishing company formation in Sharjah international free zone.

Situated adjacent to Sharjah International Airport, SAIF Zone is currently home to over 6,500 organizations from different countries. The free zone covers a wide range of business sectors and also plays host to some of the biggest names in the field of IT services, media, consumer durable, manufacturing, and a bunch of other big organizations.

Types Of company formation in Sharjah international free zone

  • Branch Of A Foreign Company

This is a type of company formation in the UAE that is most suitable for organizations that already have a presence outside of Dubai. Foreign company owners and investors can set up a branch in SAIF Zone and fully utilize the city’s dynamic business environment, without any share capital required.

  • Branch Of A UAE Company

This is a type of company formation in the UAE that is ideal for organizations that already exist within the UAE and wish to open another branch.

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

An FZE is a type of company that requires 1 shareholder. The shareholder can either be an individual or a company.

  • Free Zone Company (FZCO)

An FZCO is one of the most widely registered types of SAIF Zone company formation and requires a minimum of two shareholders. These shares can either be owned by an individual or a company.

Types Of Licenses Available In SAIF Zone:

There are four types of licenses available for Sharjah Airport International Zone company setup, depending on the type of operational activities, these are listed below:

  • Industrial License

This license is required for those investors who wish to carry out industrial activities such as manufacturing, assembling, and packaging.

  • Commercial License

The commercial license in UAE allows the investor to import, export, distribute, consolidate and store items specified in the license.

  • Trade License

A trade license is required for those who wish to import, export, distribute, and store-specific product lines.

  • Service License

A service license is required for those investors who wish to operate a service business in SAIF Zone.

List Of Documents To Be Submitted for SAIF Free Zone company setup:

In order to start a business in Sharjah Airport International Zone, there are several documents that need to be submitted. One thing to remember is that some of these documents should be attested by the UAE embassy in the country of origin and subsequently notarized by a notary public, which authorizes the business setup in UAE.

Following is a list of documents that need to be submitted to UAE authorities:

In case of Free Zone Establishment (FZE) & company formation in Sharjah international Freezone:
  • A business plan
  • Duly filled application form
  • CV and passport copy of the shareholder
  • CV and passport copy of the manager
  • A No-Objection Letter from the sponsor, if it’s a UAE-based company
In case of setting up Branch of a Foreign & Local UAE company, below mentioned documents required:
  • Duly filled application form
  • Company profile and brochure
  • CV and passport copy of shareholder and manager
  • Certificate of Company Incorporation/registration
  • Memorandum & Article of Association or equivalent(Not required in case of local UAE company)
  • Annual audited financial report of the organization or a 3-month bank statement of the shareholder(s)
  • Bank reference letter (original document)
  • Board resolution to open a branch in the SAIF ZONE and power of Attorney appointing a person(s) in charge.

Following submission and approval of these documents, licenses will be obtained within 2 business days and the process of company formation in SAIF Zone will begin.

Benefits Of Registering A Company In Sharjah Airport International Zone

Just like other UAE-free zones, business setup in SAIF Zone also comes with multiple benefits. Following are some major benefits that a SAIF registered organization will reap:

  • The best thing about SAIF Free zone company’s setup is that it requires no local sponsor for registration and the investor benefits from 100% foreign ownership and 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Thanks to UAE’s world-class infrastructure and great recreational opportunities, those who wish to start a business in UAE can be assured of a great lifestyle.
  • Sharjah Airport International Zone company formation offers a quick business setup process and the duration for license processing is only 48 hours.
  • Companies registered in Sharjah Airport International Zone are provided dedicated business support services.
  • SAIF Zone registered organizations can benefit from avant-garde IT infrastructure and facilities.
  • Those who opt for business setup in Sharjah enjoy 100% tax exemption on
    1. Corporate and personal income
    2. All imports and exports.

To fully utilize the benefits that come with company setup in SAIF Zone, entrepreneurs and investors should team up with a reputable Business Setup Consultancy in Dubai to help them acquire the right licenses and operate efficiently.

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