Offshore Company Formation in Dubai | All You Need to Know

UAE has always been a preferred place to fascinate expatriates and entrepreneurs. Its economic and political stability continued to inspire foreign capital and business tycoons from all over the world. However, new business set-up and having a bank account in the UAE is not so easy and affordable. One wrong step may lead you to legal complications and pay heavy taxes and penalties. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the do’s and don’ts of company formation in Dubai, before you start an Offshore Company in Dubai.


  • Identify a local sponsor.
  • Free zone availability to have a 100% business stake.
  • Appropriate location with convenient transport and traffic.
  • Spotting Visa eligibilities.
  • Find a registration consultant.


  • Company registration without checking accessible office space.
  • Redundant planning based on the published information.
  • Blindly trusting license category.
  • Opening bank account without conforming to bank charges.
  • Agreeing to legal sponsorship agreement without court attestation.

Despite knowing all rights and wrongs, some other considerations that you must keep in mind:

  • An offshore company is a ban to trade within the UAE.
  • Leasing local land is not allowed for Dubai-based offshore companies.
  • An audited financial statement must be submitted to the UAE government every year.

Eliminate Pains With Maximum Gains….

Setting up an offshore company in Dubai can be beneficial due to Tax redemptions and speedy incorporations. It portrays top-notch repute amongst your clients and suppliers, and there is no public registration of investors. An offshore company establishment is free from all taxes and VAT (Value-Added Tax). It takes a maximum of 2 days for the offshore company registration, and it allows almost all kinds of activities, outside of the UAE. Additionally, it involves minimal registration cost and maintenance. Moreover, an offshore business setup is not required to submit an audit report.

Gratefully, Dubai has become a better place to assimilate your offshore company registration after the influence of a new EU directive. The legislation brings new hopes and aspirations for business ex-pats and entrepreneurs. Everything is clean, clear, and transparent under the EU directive. Under the EU legislation, banks and financial institutions are bound to unveil the tax information and bank credentials to relevant tax authorities, or else levy clients with a heavy tax.

We let you hold all the Aces…

Interlink Business Link UAE assists its clients worldwide to have a business set up in Offshore, Mainland, and Free zone. We are certified agents and authorize representatives to cater to your company set-up needs and registration at minimal costs.

Here are some benefits that we offer:

  • Minimal start-up expense.
  • Local market assistance.
  • Promising legal framework.
  • Comprehensive tax management and exemptions.
  • Ensure privacy and asset securities.
  • Share structure guidance.
  • Hassle-free and speedy Incorporation.
  • Multilingual staff support.
  • Business Succession planning.
  • Zero-based Bureaucracy & efficient administration.

At Business Link UAE, we help our clients with the complete set of documentation requirements. Our trained experts and consultants are well-versed with the procedure of company formation in the UAE.

Write to us or call 00971556070118 to book an appointment with our agent for Dubai Offshore company registration.