Saudi Arabia Abolishes Visa Stickers in Passports for UAE, India, and Five Other Countries

Saudi Arabia Abolishes Visa Stickers in Passports for UAE, India, and Five Other Countries

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – In a move aimed at streamlining travel procedures and boosting tourism, Saudi Arabia has announced the elimination of visa stickers in passports for visitors from the United Arab Emirates, India, the Philippines, and five other countries. The decision by the authorities signifies a significant development to enhance the hospitality industry and increase tourism.

The decision means that travelers will no longer be required to affix visa labels to their passports before entering. Instead, the Kingdom will adopt an advanced electronic visa system that will be linked to each traveler’s passport.

This new measure is to simplify the visa application process. In addition, to reduce the administrative burden for travelers. It will allow visitors to obtain their visas through a digital platform. This will eliminate the need for physical stamps or stickers. By embracing electronic visas, Saudi Arabia aims to enhance efficiency, convenience, and security for international visitors.

The initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan to diversify the country’s economy and reduce its dependence on oil. The tourism sector plays a vital role in this strategy, and the easing of visa procedures is likely to contribute to increased tourist arrivals, thus boosting the economy further.

Tourism has been growing steadily in Saudi Arabia, thanks to recent efforts. Especially to promote historical and cultural heritage and natural attractions. The new visa system will further encourage travelers to explore the Kingdom’s iconic landmarks such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Al-Ula and the stunning Red Sea coastline.

Moreover, this move will also strengthen the bilateral ties between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, India, and the other countries involved. It will facilitate a greater exchange of people, ideas, and business opportunities, fostering economic and cultural cooperation.

The elimination of visa stickers will come into effect in the near future, following the necessary infrastructure and system preparations. Once implemented, travelers from designated countries will experience a more streamlined and efficient process when entering Saudi Arabia.

This progressive step not only demonstrates the country’s commitment to embracing technology but also reinforces its determination to become a top global tourist destination. With its diverse offerings and hospitality, the Kingdom aims to welcome an increasing number of visitors, propelling its tourism industry.