Remote Working Visa in Dubai

Remote Working Visa Dubai has become extremely popular. Owing to Covid-19, several businesses have been taking precautions to manage their business. One of the best ways through which the businesses can work on managing their small aspects is to promote remote working.

The remote working visa in Dubai is working under the Dubai Virtual working program. This one-year visa provides you with the benefit of multiple entries across the UAE. You can eventually apply for the residency visas and you shouldn’t be out of Dubai for more than six months. If you want to get a remote working visa again, you can apply for the same.

Are there any restrictions?

One of the most common questions people have. If there is any restriction for remote working visas in Dubai depending on nationality. Well, there is none. According to Dubai government rules, there are no restrictions upon the country. It is necessary to keep in check with the immigration reserves though to promote national security.

DTCM and GDRFA have granted permission for remote working in Dubai. The owners and employees of the organization registered in the foreign companies can apply for the same benefits.

What are the requirements?

When you apply for a remote working visa in Dubai, you will need to check for all the requirements set by the government. Here are some of the common requirements of getting approval for remote working in Dubai.

  • The passport you provide should have a validity of 6 months.
  • The health insurance that you offer should have the benefit of UAE coverage along with the travel insurance that has the benefit of healthcare coverage. It will further be transferred to the UAE Health Insurance program once the visa has received approval.
  • The proof of employment provided by the current employer along with the one-year contract validity. You may also need to provide a payslip of three months and along with the bank statement of the previous three months.
  • If you’re the owner of the company, you will also need to provide proof of ownership and there’s a fixed minimum rate of salary or earning that you will need to display. Furthermore, in many cases, you will also need to opt for a legal translation service to get a remote working visa in Dubai.

Experts recommend that you will also need to provide extra information about your visa depending on the schedule and work. Here’s all the information that you will need to display.

  • To get a remote working visa, the applicant should be living in Dubai similar to other residents. You will need to provide access to extra details such as resident ID cards, banking facilities, accommodation, and sponsoring family.
  • The applicant shouldn’t be out of the country for more than 6 months. The working visa will be considered to be nullified or canceled if the applicant stays out of the country for more than six months.
  • The visa program will be provided for a tenure of one year which would further need to depend on different factors.

Make sure to check with all legal terms to find the perfect deal.

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