Can you have multiple businesses in Dubai?

Doing multiple businesses in Dubai can be challenging. Since the laws in the country are pretty strict, it can often be confusing to understand what the impact is. If you are planning to have multiple businesses under one license in Dubai, it is advisable to connect with business setup consultants in Dubai.

The business setup consultants in Dubai at Business Link UAE are professionals who can help you get trade licenses and other aspects of businesses. One of the most common questions every business owner has is if they can have multiple businesses under one limited company. Well, read further to find out.

Can I have multiple businesses under one limited company?

Foreign investors trying to set up their business in Dubai Freezone or Mainland, need to get in touch with professionals. If you want to function lawfully in Dubai, it is extremely crucial to get approval from professionals. However, you can set up multiple businesses under one limited company. Nonetheless, it is extremely crucial that you follow up the lawful setup.

The arrangement and structure of your business is one of the most important factors to consider. It is also advisable to check the circumstances and inconveniences that may come in the process of business setup. If you have a trade license Dubai, you need to ensure that it is functional.

Before understanding how to set up multiple businesses under one limited company, let us know how to get trade license in Dubai?

How to get trade license in Dubai?

If you want to get a trade license in Dubai, you can get in touch with business setup consultants in Dubai. Business Link UAE takes pride in offering the best services to the clients. Before filing the trade license application, you should understand the different business activities that you will be considering.

The license that you choose will have a huge impact on how many businesses you can conduct in Dubai. It is advisable to consider these factors in the initial phases of your business formation setup. You need to understand the activities that you will be conducting. Hence, you can eventually conduct multiple businesses under one limited company depending on your license. Once you decide the business activities you will conduct, you need to choose a name.

Choose Company Name

While you may consider choosing a name to be one of the easiest tasks, it is not. It is extremely crucial to understand the considerations before setting up the tasks. UAE has very strict rules regarding business setup. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the naming conventions.

The business name that you choose should cater to the business activities you will be conducting. The Department of Economic Development will offer approval about the business visibility. Moreover, if you are setting up business activity in a free zone, you need approval from free zone authorities. At the same time, it is extremely crucial to manage all the important aspects of company formation in UAE. Furthermore, you can also apply at the municipality authority.

It is extremely essential to manage the basic cases. Whenever you file for the name application, make sure to ensure there is nothing offensive about the name. As per the laws in Dubai, one cannot name their company after them. Furthermore, the company name can contain the initials but only three letters are approved.

You need to submit all the essential documents to get approval for Business setup in Dubai. The necessary documents that you will need to submit include the following

  • Application form
  • Scanned copy of the passport of owners
  • Scanned copy of the photograph of the owner or owners

Can I do two businesses under one license?

The trade license given by the government of Dubai has a very comprehensive process for approval. The foreign owners can get in touch with local consultants who can assist them in business setup in process. As per the rule, foreign business owners can have multiple businesses in Dubai in one trace license. However, the chosen business activities should be in the same category.

However, if you opt to register multiple activities within the same license, you will need to pay a higher fee. Many people are new to this business. Therefore, they will need the help of business consultant experts. Being professionals in our field, Business Link UAE can assist you in the entire process. You can get a dual license to start your business.

What is a dual license?

The government of UAE has introduced the dual license setup. If you are an onshore business holder, you should consider setting up your business accordingly. According to the law, onshore businesses can apply for dual licenses. The dual license is usually effective for free zone companies. With the help of dual licenses, free zone companies can easily operate beyond the boundaries of the free zone. One of the most prominent benefits of dual license is that you do not need any office or operation base.

Dual license is beneficial for those who have limited finances. If your business requires effective business setup, you can apply for a dual license. However, it can eventually function as per lower expenses like operating, accounting, and also other business expenses.

Strategies for multiple company incorporation

Multiple company incorporation in Dubai can be extremely effective. However, it is necessary to adopt the strategies accordingly. The two most prominent strategies that can help to ensure multiple company incorporation include the following

Create a limited liability company

The limited liability company can be beneficial. It is one of the best ways to stay relevant in the organizations of UAE. Moreover, you can get to include all your businesses here. According to experts, LLC is one of the best options to setup business in UAE.

This strategy also plays an important role in lowering the various business activity dangers. If you have more than one business, you can be under various risks. If your business has financial constraints, it can be helpful. However, the only negative side is that it may slightly affect the working. Therefore, business owners will need to be extra careful with maintenance, management and authorizing the company.

Joining a holding organization

If you are searching for a safe way to incorporate different business organizations into one, joining a holding organization is one of the best ways. It will follow all the legal processes. Furthermore, you will also get other benefits to control the company tasks.

When you incorporate different business organizations into one, you need to be extra careful. Therefore, you can have the flexibility to incorporate different businesses into one. Nonetheless, you will need to maintain anonymity and taxation benefits along with a security timeline.

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