Unlocking Opportunities: Mainland Business Setup in Dubai – Exploring Costs, Requirements, and Advantages


Due to its advantageous location, welcoming environment, and thriving economy, Dubai has become a hub for entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide. Entrepreneurs in Dubai have two main options when it comes to company setup: mainland company setup and free zone company setup. Read on to know the process of mainland company formation in Dubai, the requirements, and the costs.

Advantages of a mainland company in Dubai

For entrepreneurs looking to make a significant impact in the region, Dubai’s mainland company structure offers a number of benefits. Due to open access to the local market, the absence of currency restrictions, and a range of business activities, entrepreneurs can benefit from the area’s sizable consumer base and business opportunities. Because there are no capital requirements, entrepreneurs have more freedom to start their businesses based on their financial capacity and plans. Mainland businesses can grow and expand indefinitely both inside and outside the UAE because there are no restrictions on the number of clients or geographic areas. Without local sponsorship, which is not always required, entrepreneurs can retain full ownership.

Set up a Company on the Mainland

The thriving city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has long been a center for international trade, drawing businesspeople from all over the world. However, it’s imperative to comprehend the process, costs, and requirements associated with the mainland company formation in Dubai before diving into the world of opportunities. The general steps to help you through the process are listed below:

1. Determine the legal structure and business activity

Start your company in Dubai UAE by determining the best legal structure and business activity. Dubai offers various legal forms, including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Sole Proprietorships, Civil Companies, Representative Office, Professional License, and Branch Office. Each has specific ownership requirements and benefits. The Dubai Department of Economic Development provides over 2,000 publications for your needs. A branch office is necessary for established foreign businesses looking to expand into Dubai, allowing 100% foreign ownership.

2. Determine license type

The next step is to obtain a license. Depending on the business activities identified in step one, you will need a specific kind. Here, you have a few typical choices. You could apply for: 

  1. Professional licenses – for experts and freelancers who provide non-physical services like consulting, law, accounting, and marketing.
  2. Commercial License – for businesses involving physical services or trading, including retail, restaurants, logistics, and direct customer sales.
  3. Industrial License – for companies involved in manufacturing, ensuring compliance with safety, environmental protection, and quality standards.
  4. General trading license – for business owners to carry out a variety of trade-related activities, including import, export, and wholesale, under a single license.

3. Obtain a Trade Name:

Choose a distinctive trade name for your business and make sure it complies with the standards established by the Department of Economic Development (DED). To ensure that nobody else can use the trade name while you are registering, reserve it.

4. Drafting and notarizing MOA

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is an agreement signed between the partners of the company in front of the notary public at the Dubai Courts. This agreement is required for company formation in Dubai Mainland.

5. Choose Office

This is one of the most important steps in the process in which you have to decide where you want to operate. As companies in Dubai mainland don’t have any restrictions on where they can start their office, you have many options. Choose a suitable one based on your business activity.

6. Obtain License

Once you have completed all the above-mentioned steps, you can apply for a business license. If you partner with a trustable business consultancy in the UAE, they will make it easier and faster for you. 

Dubai Mainland Company Formation: Affordable and Accessible Business Solutions

 Starting your business in Dubai mainland is a breeze when you have the right business setup partner. At Business Link, we are aware of how crucial affordability is for business owners, particularly in the early stages of establishing a company. For 2023, the cost of a Dubai mainland company license starts at just AED 19,000, giving you a competitive advantage and enabling you to concentrate your resources on business expansion.

Start your Company in Dubai UAE with Business Link

Business Link offers Dubai Mainland Company Formation services to business people. With two decades of experience in establishing businesses, we provide expert guidance and streamlined processes for swift and efficient company formation. Starting your company in Dubai UAE with BusinessLink involves the following steps:

  1. Preliminary consultation:

Schedule a consultation by contacting Business Link. Our team of professionals will discuss your company’s goals, activities, and needs during this meeting to decide the best strategy for setting up your mainland business.

  1. Selecting the legal form:

Our consultants will assist you in choosing the best legal structure for your mainland company, whether it be an LLC, professional license, or branch office, based on your business activity and ownership preferences.

  1. Drafting and notarizing company documents:

The creation of all required legal documents, such as the MOA and Civil Contract, will be facilitated by our team. 

  1. Obtaining a visa

Our experienced team will handle the visa processing for you and your employees. They will walk you through the process of obtaining the necessary work visas and residency permits.

  1. Governmental Liaison

Business Link is a point of contact between your company and the UAE government agencies throughout the entire company formation process, ensuring an efficient setup.

Dubai’s thriving economy and strategic location provide unparalleled advantages for entrepreneurs, allowing them to unlock their full potential and start their entrepreneurial journey. So, if you are planning to explore opportunities in this city, BusinessLink is the perfect choice for you.