Requirements for Translation Office License in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia grants translation licenses to those willing to practice translation services. The license of translation business activity is given to awarded to the owners of translation offices or commercial translation centers.

The first step in obtaining the license is the registration of all translators in the office. The other step is to determine the types of languages, areas, and disciplines specified for all services provided by the office.

Since translation offices in Saudi Arabia are authorized to translate and certify government credentials and legal documents, obtaining the license guarantees the customer’s trust.

How to get a translation office license in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Commerce of Saudi Arabia is responsible for issuing licenses related to translation offices and determines the conditions for opening a certified translation office in Saudi Arabia.

To comply with the rules prescribed by law and to ensure that there are no irregularities, you must meet these requirements to allow the conduct of the translation activity:

First: General Requirements

Certified translation office license in KSA

There are two division for the requirements of opening a translation office in Saudi Arabia. Those are; General and Special conditions. The general conditions are crucial for opening the office. They are as follows:

  1. The translator must have a scientific qualification of at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  2. A translation professional must possess sufficient and reliable expertise in the field of specialization of more than 3 years of experience to work in the same field.
  3. If the translator receives a master’s degree, the years of experience will be two years.
  4. The duration of the professional experience is one year if the translator obtains a PhD degree.

Second: Special Requirements

certified translation office license in KSA

  • The translator must obtain a university degree from a recognized university in the language in which the applicant works.
  • To obtain a license to practice translation in Saudi Arabia, applicants must pass the test set by the Ministry.
  • The Ministry’s test requires the translator to possess at least 10 years of practical translation experience.

Certified Translation Office License in KSA

This license granted to those practicing translation services for governmental authorities. Additionally, the commercial translational offices and centers can get the certified translation office license. The license issued after completing the registration of all translators in the office. Moreover, the languages, fields, and specializations of the services provided must be specified.