How to Start Nursery/PlaySchool in Dubai, UAE?

One of the businesses which offer financial and moral/social nirvana is childcare or nursery as it is popularly called. This typically translates into receiving and taking care of children between forty-five days to a maximum of four-year-olds. One of the important features of the nursery is to impart easy-to-understand educational activities. And all this happens in the absence of parents. Who more often than not are away, at work, fulfilling various obligations in a foreign country. Read on to know how to register a nursery in Dubai.

How to Setup Nursery Business in Dubai?

Well, one of the basic requirements of a nursery is that the license owner has to be a local or a UAE national. This rule is applicable to those entrepreneurs who wish to open a nursery in mainland Dubai. If the same is set up in a Free zone then the partner has to be a UAE national. Apart from this, there are various approvals and clearances required, especially from (The knowledge and Human Development Authority) KHDA for a nursery license in Dubai.

Approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs

To open a nursery business in Dubai requires approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs. The aspiring entrepreneur needs to file an online application. A maximum of three names for the proposed nursery should also provide to the Ministry of Social Affairs with Arabic translation.

Mentioned below are some of the requirements for a nursery business in Dubai as far as the Ministry of Social Affairs is concerned.

  • Passport copy of the aspiring entrepreneur.
  • Owner/s educational profile which includes certificates.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • As mentioned above, a professional license is required (Obtained via DED).
  • A clear photo of the entrepreneur.
  • Appointment letter of a UAE National as Manager or an undertaking.
  • The location and drawing for the proposed nursery.
  • Municipality and Civil Defense Approval

One needs to understand that to start a nursery business in Dubai the location of the premises should be away from industrial areas and labor housing colonies. Once the approval fetches from the Ministry of Social Affairs the tenancy contract then needs to be entered into and submitted. The aspiring business entity also needs to provide the financial, structural, and operational arrangements such as segregation of children based on age.

Ministry of Education Approval

As a partner in the new formation (Nursery) you need to submit the academic plan to the Ministry of Education for review. To open a playschool in Dubai it is advisable to get firsthand knowledge of the existing local syllabus and curriculum activities before submission. This simply improves the chances of quick commendation because the Ministry offers a maximum of three reviews.

Dubai Municipality – Department of Health and Public Safety Approval

  • As mentioned above the location needs to be easily accessible and away from industrial and labor zones.
  • The nursery should be built from Concrete only. No wooden or asbestos material can be used to create various children’s quarters.
  • Wire mesh on windows is a must for protection against pests and other insects.
  • Children-friendly teaching / caring tools and toys.

Starting a nursery business in UAE involves interacting with several government agencies and departments for approvals. It is time-consuming, hectic, and requires local connections and knowledge. Company setup consultants in Dubai such as Business Link UAE can minimize those worries. Simply get in touch with us today at +971 43215227 or Email us at We will assist you in getting all legal approvals from all required Dubai government authorities for realizing your dream of opening a nursery.