How to start Construction Business in Dubai? Get Contracting and Construction License in UAE

Dubai has fascinated the world since time immemorial, even when it was not a famous emirate of the UAE. Today, that fascination has reached the zenith. Dubai’s charm lies in its pristine beaches, large chunks of stunning open spaces, cosmopolitan and rich culture, transparent working, tax-free environment, and top-notch infrastructure. If that was not enough this emirate boasts a galloping GDP which makes it one of the most favorable destinations for conducting business and for those who are seeking quality life.

These features have resulted in unusual demand for office and housing space. Coupled with sporadic triggers like the Expo 2020, Dubai is witnessing one of its major construction razzmatazz.

Business entities and companies have realized the potential of setting up a construction company in Dubai. This has resulted in a spate of applications reaching the desk of the Department of Economic Development or DED.

However, construction business setup in Dubai requires several approvals, licenses, and clearances. On top of this list is the construction license registration. After obtaining the license the business entity can then hire engineers, site in-charge personnel, and workers of various kinds. A building license is yet another legal document that requires before the construction activity can take place. This license is typically issued by Dubai Municipality, and called G+1 permit – a crucial step towards laying the foundation of a residential or commercial structure.

As mentioned above, construction companies’ formation in Dubai UAE not only requires clearances but also several special permits from environmental and civil works departments. Some of the compulsory approvals from the Dubai authorities are mentioned below.

1. Drainage and irrigation department – 

This typically relates to liquid waste management and other disposable services.

2. Water and electricity department –

The clearance from these two authorities is mandatory just like the one mentioned above as this provides the basic amenities to the occupants.

3. Building department and Dubai civil defense authority –

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