How to Start a Restaurant Business in Dubai? A Comprehensive Guide


Dubai has risen as one of the world’s most diverse food markets, this is because of its majority population of expatriates. This along with its status of being a global tourist destination has led to the addition of tens of thousands of new food businesses in the past few years.

In the last year, more than 2500 restaurants started in the UAE, and with the influx of more foreigners, that number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

With this information now known, it is clear that starting a restaurant business in Dubai could be a great investment decision. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of setting up a restaurant business in Dubai. 

A thrilling opportunity to go into one of the most dynamic culinary landscapes in the international arises when one unit out to discover ways to setup a restaurant business in Dubai. Given the metropolis’s recognition as a culinary melting pot, starting a restaurant business in Dubai with a clever plan can bring about scrumptious fulfillment. It’s an endeavor that requires creativity, skill, and a well-written business plan. From investigating cutting-edge meal developments to comprehending the subtleties of the neighborhood market and negotiating Dubai’s food market and landscape. We will guide you via the crucial procedures concerned with conceptualizing, developing, and starting a restaurant business in Dubai. Ensuring that you are prepared to meet the demands of discriminating and various international customers on this thriving culinary vacation spot. 

Is It Profitable to Setup A Restaurant Business in UAE?

restaurant business in Dubai

Dubai’s business-pleasant surroundings, favorable regulations, and high increase possibilities for eating place organizations have positioned many new restaurateurs on the culinary map. Some first-rate traits within the enterprise are:

Dubai is a top international food vacation spot: With approximately 7 million vacationers journeying the town each year, there may be a big purchaser base for beginning a restaurant business and catering to various populations.

Growth possibilities in the area of interest markets: Changing patron preferences, including vegetarianism, veganism, and gluten-loose diets, have led to a shift within the restaurant enterprise. Niche markets like those are experiencing fast demand and presenting potential commercial enterprise possibilities. The 2018 Gulfood Global Outlook Report Health and Wellness Trends highlighted a boom in demand for organic, healthy, and environmentally-friendly meals.

Customer behavior: The population’s growing disposable income has caused an important boom in dine-out options and spending on recreational activities amongst residents of Dubai, particularly the more youthful demographic. Surveys have proven that consumers in the town are inclined to pay a top class for excellent food.

Partnership opportunities: There is a widespread increase capability of restaurant start-ups in Dubai through partnerships with hotels. As a famous vacationer vacation spot acknowledged for its hospitality, resorts are more and more seeking to collaborate with restaurants to enhance the overall visitor revel and offer a complete hospitality imparting.

Steps to Opening a Restaurant in Dubai

Starting a restaurant business in a Dubai freezone region is a trustworthy and green procedure. The process of start a restaurant business in Dubai may be finished with minimum paperwork following steps:

1. Selecting the jurisdiction

The first step in setting up your restaurant business in Dubai is selecting the jurisdiction. Three free zones in Dubai assist you in starting your restaurant business, each offers different activities suitable for your business, and each offers different activities suitable for your business.

2. Obtaining food and trading license

After deciding on your preferred jurisdiction, the subsequent step is to achieve the required licenses for your business. This consists of acquiring your commercial license through the free zone authority. Following this, you ought to have your restaurant plans authorized with the aid of the food safety department and obtain your food license.

You need to follow the UAE food code from Dubai municipality for your license to stay valid. Including the additional permits for alcohol, pork, and deliveries.

3. Submit application forms and required documents

The next step in the process is to finish and put up the specified application forms. Along with this process, supply a duplicate of your trade license, restaurant plans, and warehouse.

4. Open a bank account

Opening a freezone bank account lets you display your agency’s costs, calculate taxes successfully, and control coins to go with the flow efficiently. It is crucial to choose a bank that gives tailored solutions for your business ensuring a comprehensive economic solution without the want for external assistance.

Get more information: Corporate Bank Account 

Documents required to open a restaurant in Dubai and UAE

opening a restaurant in UAE
  • Copy of your trade license
  • Blueprint/layout of the restaurant (only applicable for certain free zones)
  • Additional permits that may have been acquired such as liquor permit
  • Passport copy of the investor
  • Visa copy of the investor
  • 2 colored passport sized photographs
  • Business plan

Start Your Business with Business Link

Given the instances, starting a restaurant business in Dubai can be a rewarding financial move. The overall process may not be complicated, however, if you are new here and are not familiar with the legal structures, it can get slightly confusing. To navigate this, we advise you to ask for help from a business setup consultancy in Dubai.

Business Link can guide key factors including license, bank account, and PRO services, as well as dealing with all important documentation. Moreover, we will facilitate connections with a local sponsor in Dubai with favorable terms and manipulate future aspects like trade license renewal. Contact us today to transform your pursuits into reality.