How to Start a Poultry Farm in UAE?

With so many people eating chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is not necessary to be a university graduate to realize that there is a great demand for chickens. Demand is enormous, but the supply can barely be maintained. Large chicken farms make fortunes. Our blog will help you get a piece of the cake.

Learning About Chicken

Consuming chicken and raising them is not the same for your information. So, if you’re thinking it’s as easy as eating a drumstick, I think this business is not for you. First, hens will eat anything, so you should consider sanitary measures; otherwise, it will become unpleasant to think about them. So, yes, learning about chicken includes what they eat, how long they lay eggs, their shelf life, and how to care for them at different stages of their life. Find some books and e-books on the web about how to raise chickens. Take a book and read about them. Trying to raise a few before setting up a farm is not a bad idea.

Decide Which Chicken Breed You Want

After reading some things about chicken, reflect on the objectives you have for your farm. Make sure you have the right chicken breed for your goals. For example, a black-legged horn chicken will lay more eggs than a white-legged horn chicken. However, because the breed is decent stronger, more fortifications are needed to accommodate that chicken.

Find a Reputable Chicken Supplier

Order your chicks from a reliable dealer. Try searching the web for such distributors. There are hundreds of them to choose from. Better yet, you must take into consideration another chicken farm owner where he gets his chicks. Get a second option on such matters. Read reviews of chicken farms and visit supplier farms with highly rated practices. The advance of competitive poultry farm by getting good sources of chicks.

Plan a Budget for Your Poultry Business

Make calculations and make a reasonable estimate of how much it will cost to run a chicken farm. You must count the weekly expenses of food, water system and heating for young people. Get additional funds for the initial costs of your chicken farm by asking for help from close friends and family. You may also want to get a bank loan just in case. Your expenses will depend on how massive your operation

Poultry Business Setup in Dubai

Find an area in UAE where you can build a chicken coop. If you have a small plot of land, start with a small cooperative. A more massive cooperative may mean buying a larger lot area that may involve doing business with a real estate broker. The choice is up to you.

Municipality Inspection

After the name and initial approval are made, and the plot is ready for agriculture, the municipality should be informed and an inspection of the municipality will be carried out that will measure all the needs according to the Department of Environment to allow the poultry farm to begin production.

Final Step to Obtain the License

Once the approval of the municipality is received, you can visit the DED and obtain the license by paying the proof of payment.

Cost to Open Poultry Business in UAE

For the approval of the municipality, no additional cost is required. The only cost required will be the average cost of the license, which is equivalent to a professional license.


Like any professional license, the owner can be an expatriate with 100% ownership, and the UAE citizen will remain a local service agent.

Veterinary doctor

It is required to appoint a veterinarian under the law for the poultry farm, one that has passed the Health Authority exam before exercising in the UAE.

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