How to Start a Law Firm in Dubai?

Recently, the United Arab Emirates has become a hub for new businesses. From trade to service companies, the list is endless. Undoubtedly, relief from taxation, the safety of assets, privacy, and other such benefits excite people to start a business in Dubai. With new companies starting, there is a high demand for law firms in Dubai to deal with legalities. So, if you are planning to start a law firm in Dubai, Business Link UAE is here to guide you through the process.

Steps to Set Up a Law Firm in Dubai

A new country and its rule many times seem complicated to people willing to set up a business in Dubai. So, we are here to guide you through the simple process:

Connect with a Local Lawyer

It is the first step towards setting a law firm in Dubai is collaborating with a local lawyer who has proper knowledge of the land rules. The local lawyer needs to be affiliated with a local court in UAE.

Get License

Acquiring a suitable license is the first thing to start a business. This license is obtained from the Ministry of Justice of UAE (United Arab Emirates). In the case of a law firm in DIFC, a commercial license is required and it needs to get registered with Dubai Financial Services Authority.

Document Submission

In addition to the license, other required documents were obtained from the Ministry of Justice. All the documents need to submit to the economic department.

Finalizing Business Location

Another crucial step in the process is selecting a location for setting up the law firm. The area selected must be of a minimum of 40 square feet.

Now, there are some administration requirements for the law firm, such as

Court System

There will be a dual court system, including local and federal courts. The 3 courts system comprises the court of the first instance, the court of appeal, and the court of cassation.

Law System

In Dubai, all the laws are based majorly on the Islamic Sharia Law with some of the International laws

Law Rules

Before starting with the practice in a federal court or any Emirati court, every lawyer, advocate, attorney, or other required personnel needs to be registered with the Ministry of Justice.

Lawyer Ethics

Lawyers and advocates expect to know everything about the country’s law and order. People of the nation look up to them for any assistance and knowledge.


Fees or money plays a crucial role in the service sector. Thus, a lawyer needs to charge substantial fees that people can pay. If it’s too expensive, no one would consider the size of the firm or even the experience.

Country’s Rule and Regulations

Lawyers of Gulf Cooperation Council countries need to have a license for practicing law in Dubai or other courts of UAE, else only Emirati lawyers can practice in these courts.

We at Business Link UAE has a team of specialist to help you start a law firm in Dubai without being stressed about the legal documentation or obtaining a license. We have been offering services for so many years to help people set up their business and run it well in UAE.