How to Set Up Dental Clinic in Dubai?

Dubai has emerged as a major commercial point for all kinds of businesses and business setups in Dubai. The government of the state also understands this. That is why it is willing to ease down its regulations and let the business run free on its own. Setting up a service-based industry like a dental clinic. Also comes under the same umbrella and does not require a lot of criteria fulfilled. Anyone with a credible and recognize medical degree can get to it. If you are looking to follow the same we have laid down the procedures that need to be followed for a dental clinic set up in Dubai. Hope that they give you some sense of how to go about it. 

Setting Up Dental Clinic in Dubai

  • You need to find yourself a name that would be sent to the DED for approval.
  • The initial plan that is sent to the DED for approval does not have lengthy document requirements. The things required at this stage are mostly investment plans. The layout of the clinic, passport and visas, and so on.
  • The third is the most important step and entails the application of licensing. The license required to set up your business comes from the DED. But you would also need to get one from the Dubai Healthcare Authority and service agent to register this license. There is also a bunch of prerequisites that need to be kept in mind by the dentist.  Such as his educational qualification and his work experience. These are quite nuanced, as is normal for any medical service to run in any country.
  • The investor creates a bunch of documents such as the terms of the agreement, the memorandum, and lease for the clinic, and so on.
  • The DED and the DHA will finally approve your registration after ensuring that all your investor’s documents and your personal documents have been submitted properly. They will also need the payment fee for registration. The license for practice will be provided to you only after our documents have been verified and approved by the authorities.
  • The license approval from the DHA will require you to create a profile on their website so that they can scrutinize and store your documents.
  • You would also require to run through a DHA-approve oral exam or a simple test to assess them. A healthcare professional may head this and the nature of the same can vary from time to time.
  • After you have successfully cleared the medical examination of the DHA. You would be provided with a license, an offer letter, a professional title, and a facility stamp. A signed document by the Medical Director and malpractice insurance.

The cost of setting up the dental clinic is also not much and that is why Dubai is getting popularity for such businesses. Complicated as it may sound, Business Link UAE will help you navigate through all this and will leave no work for you to be finished. You just need to provide us with your personal documents and we will get through all the aforementioned steps for you. Our business setup and pro services will be of the utmost value to you and we will make the setup a smooth process for you.