How to Set Up An Educational Institute in Dubai


The UAE sees education as a valuable industry and a key priority for the government. With a reputation for a knowledge-based economy and respected schools, setting up a company in Dubai can be a lucrative opportunity, especially given the large expat population. To establish an educational Institute, getting an educational institute license in Dubai is essential. Today we are going to look at how you can establish an education institute in Dubai.

What is KHDA in Dubai

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority, or KHDA, is the regulatory body responsible for overseeing Dubai’s education sector in the United Arab Emirates. Its main role is to ensure high-quality education and uphold standards within the emirate.

Here are the functions of the KHDA:

  • Improve Dubai’s education system, making it one of the best in the world. It regulates, monitors, and enhances educational institutions, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and excellence.
  • Oversee and control various educational establishments, such as schools, colleges, training programs, and vocational institutes. It establishes guidelines, policies, and standards regarding curriculum, teaching approaches, facilities, and student support services.
  • Conduct regular inspections of schools in Dubai. These inspections evaluate the overall quality of education, teaching methods, leadership, and other aspects of the school’s operations. The DSIB then publishes an annual report detailing the findings from these inspections.
  • Evaluate schools based on their overall performance. These ratings help parents and stakeholders choose the right educational institutions for their needs.
  • Offer various services and initiatives to enhance education. This includes professional development programs for teachers, student assessments, parent engagement programs, and research and data analysis to improve educational practices.
  • Regulate higher e­ducation institutions in Dubai, ensuring they mee­t quality standards and academic rules. It supervise­s the Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and Dubai Knowle­dge Park (DKP), home to many unive­rsities and educational organizations.
  • Communicate with parents, students, and education stakeholders, sharing information, reports, and updates about the quality of education in Dubai.

Benefits of Setting Up an Educational Institute Business in Dubai

Investing in education in Dubai can bring unmatched benefits. You can choose your field of education, and location, and set up an educational organization to achieve optimal growth. You can partner with a Business setup consultant to assist you in setting up an educational institute in Dubai.

Every year, more and more people­ arrive in the city for various reasons. Nearly 80% of them come with their families. As a result, the number of children and students continues to rise, creating a growing demand for educational institutions.

The process is straightforward and quick, as long as you follow the rules for establishing an educational institution. The authorities will check the organization meets safety, security, and health requirements. 

Integrating E-Learning centers into your institution can boost revenue within the education sector and be a cost-effective way to attract a wider customer base, providing the convenience of learning from the comfort of home. 

The best part is that you can own 100% of the shares in the educational institution.

No import or export taxes are applicable when transferring equipment needed for a school, college, or other educational institution in Dubai.

Dubai regime offers the freedom for educational institute owners to transact their profits in several currencies as permitted.

The recruitment process is very flexible. Teachers and professional tutors are free to join your educational institute, even those from other countries. The government respects your freedom in hiring staff, letting you bring on board the most qualified people from any country you want.

How to Set Up An Educational Business in Dubai: Step-by-step Guide

Establishing an education in Dubai is seamless if you understand the necessary steps. It is important to be well-informed about the setting up procedure to avoid inconvenience issues. With various departments involved, it’s advisable to seek professional help to streamline the setup of your educational institution.

1. Determine the Type of Education and Location

The first step is determining the type of institute you want to operate. Highlight the specific educational activities you wish to offer. Next, you must decide on an appropriate location. It could be on the mainland of Dubai or in a dedicated free zone.

2. Complete the KHDA Application

This is the most crucial part of opening an educational institution in Dubai. KHDA needs comprehensive details about your educational institute before issuing the licence. 

The application must contain the following information:

3. Gather Required Documents

You must provide the following documents to obtain the respective license:

  • Name Reservation 
  • A registration plan 
  • Passport copies of shareholders and director/manager
  • Notarized signatures of each shareholder and director/manager
  • CVs of director/manager 
  • Qualification certificates of the manager
  • List of courses
  • Any other relevant paperwork required by KHDA.

4. Approvals and Fees Payment

Submit your application online through the KHDA e-services portal. Next, pay the fees and wait for final approval. The timeframe for approval may alter depending on your institute’s size and complexity.

5. Secure Additional Licenses and Permits

Depending on your specific educational offerings, you may need to obtain additional licenses, such as 

  • Trade licenses 
  • Tenancy contracts, and 
  • Environmental health and safety certificates
  • Municipality planning section approved

Set up Your Educational institute in Dubai With Business Link

Business Link, with its team of professional experts, can guide you through every step of the process.

We can assist you with:

  • Selecting the suitable location 
  • Choosing your educational offerings 
  • Completing and submitting the application
  • Obtaining necessary approvals

Our expert consultants in Dubai ensure you remain compliant with KHDA. We double-check your documents to maximize your chances of a successful application. 

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