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How to Register Cosmetic Products in Dubai & Why?

Register Cosmetic Products

Being ranked among the world’s highest per capita spenders on beauty products, Dubai is stated to be growing into one of the top beauty and personal care markets. With reference to the import & export of cosmetic products, the government of Dubai issues a mandatory regulation regarding Registering Cosmetic Products in Dubai. The regulation applies to all cosmetics products manufactured industrially and placed in the Dubai market wherein the manufacture, packaging, distribution, and trade of cosmetic products should be first registered with the Dubai Municipality.

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What Is Product Registration?

The primary concern of implementing the cosmetic registration is consumer safety wherein the process allows the CPSS (Consumer Products Safety Section) to evaluate the safety of cosmetic products when applying on skin, hair, or any exposed body part. However, with due registration, no cosmetic product will be manufactured, imported, exported, advertised, sold, or distributed in Dubai without registration. Most importantly, the registration of a cosmetic product is valid only for 5 years.

Advantages of Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

  • Label protection
  • Import and re-export rights
  • Brand Protection
  • Hassle-free trade in the UAE and outside UAE.

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Why Registering Cosmetic Products in Dubai?

To ensure consumer safety and product quality, the paradigm of cosmetic registration in the UAE is initiated to restrict the import-export of fake and harmful products in the domestic markets. According to the survey, the Dubai Municipality found some harmful chemicals in the test samples of face masks, perfume, toothpaste, and other cosmetic products. However, these daily products are used by many people. Thereby the existence of chemicals like lead, chromium, and arsenic might expose them to various health hazards soon.

Therefore, the major purpose of product registration in Dubai municipality is to control the entry of such chemical-based products into the market. It is a matter of fact that the municipality is framing policies for the long run. They would rather focus on inspection and random testing, in coordination with companies, factories, as well as with distributors.

Product Registration Procedure with Dubai Municipality

Following are the common steps for cosmetic product registration in Dubai Municipality:

  • The applicant for cosmetic product registration must be a company in Dubai.
  • The applicant must have the Certificate of Free Sales (CFS) from the country of origin and issued by the health authorities or recognized bodies; Data Analysis Report regarding the ingredients, chemical and physical properties of the products from the Manufacturing Company of the product; and Laboratory Test Report either from the Country of Origin or from Dubai Central Laboratory is obligatory.
  • The company must be officially registering with Dubai Municipality.
  • The applicant must fill out the product registration form that is available in the Dubai Municipality office as well as on the website Fhttp.
  • The registration form must be completed according to the technical instructions which are available through the e-form program.
  • The company representative must submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product that needs to be registered.
  • The registration report of the consumer product is generated after the completion of formalities. However, the update on application status will share continuously, and consequently; the original certificate will be issued once the report is ready.

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