How to Open Laundry Shops in Dubai?

aaraaThe answer to the question “How to open laundry shops in Dubai or how to start laundry business in Dubai?” is here.  The laundry business is a timeless service that runs across the year without being affected by season, recession or more. Undoubtedly, in the fast-paced Dubai, you will have laundry service with daily requirements. So, you have a bright future and money pouring in your pocket with a Laundry shop in Dubai. Business setup in Dubai like laundry business is not just about cleaning clothes but keeping with the trust of customers with on-time and quality service.

What are the Requirements for Laundry Shops in Dubai?

  • For safety, the laundry shop needs to have a no-smoking zone.
  • Any other activity including cooking or eating should not be allowed
  • Cleanliness should be maintained everywhere, from ambiance to the cloth used for ironing, cabinets, etc.
  • Unused things need to be kept out of the shop

What are the Requirements for Laundry License in Dubai?

How to open laundry shops in Dubai?

One needs to have a laundry license in Dubai to wash clothes with machines or hands. Clothes include curtains, bed sheets or leather products, etc.  For licensing, you need a local partner and apply with the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).

You also need to select a location to open your laundry step. Although options are limited, in a free zone, you can own the business completely. At other places, the rent could be higher. Along with location, there are parameters of an area like the minimum area of 40 square meters is neccessary for a shop offering both washing and ironing services whereas, if the offering of the two services, the area could be a minimum of 30 square meters.

The laundry requirement setup also includes approval from the Dubai Municipality Planning Section as well as the Health and Safety Division of the Municipality. There could be an uninformed inspection to check on your safety parameters, where the risk of fire is the most crucial one.

Role of technology

Like every other business, technology is affecting the laundry business as well. In the case of service business, customer comfort is what matters the most for an exceptional experience. For instance, having a mobile app, website, 24×7 phone service, delivery van, etc. can shoot high the reputation of your business and help you deal with your competitor.

Other things to consider

Business Link UAE guides you further with other criticalities to find for successful laundry business set up such as

  • Stay cautious when dealing with the cleaning of workers’ clothes
  • Regular checking of machines used at the shop
  • Separately store Chemicals for laundry purposes
  • Maintain carts/baskets to identify washed/unwashed clothes
  • Van is compulsory for a laundry business in Dubai etc.

Laundry PRO services in Dubai business in Dubai can flourish well, but there are more essential elements to take care of. We are here to help you throughout the process of getting a license to set up the shop. We have great service in setting up your company and PRO services in Dubai and wish to continue delighting clients with our dedicated service.