How to Open A Grocery Store in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place to visit as a tourist and a flourishing business hub at the same time. People from across the globe come here to set up a company in Dubai. In this attractive and liberal region, a grocery store is a great business to move forward with. This small business can help you grow big in some time. If you are skeptical about the process and investment, Business Link UAE is here to help you. So, before diving into requirements, let have a look at the important components for starting this business.

  • Know the business in detail.
  • Understand the likeness and requirement of the localities and have similar products in your store for a proper sale.
  • Have a local partner as an individual or company to start safe and offer financial stability

Grocery License in Dubai


Undoubtedly, the grocery license in Dubai is one of the significant requirements for starting this business but let’s consider all the important parameters such as:

Location – You cannot just go and set up a grocery shop anywhere in Dubai and expect success. You need to understand the market and the needs of people to finalize a location. The next step is to get familiar with the locality that helps you in the long run of the business. You can even open a grocery shop in Meena Bazar or Dubai Mall. But like any other store in the country, the grocery store is also examined in terms of shareholding structure and jurisdiction.

Partner – Since grocery store requires investment, it is advised to have a local partner. Whereas, to register a Mainland Company in Dubai, you ought to have a local partner/sponsor who holds 51% of the share in the business. You need to have a signed investor-protected contract.

License – Grocery shop license is another crucial activity without which you cannot run this shop in Dubai.

Requirements for Grocery Store License in Dubai

Requirements for grocery store licenses in Dubai include permission from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Then you can open the shop under Dubai mainland jurisdiction. The license allows you to market consumer goods or a product including fresh, or preserved food items, utensils, and detergents.

Further, it requires paperwork including certifications, visas, approval from various departments, and permissions related to shareholding and the jurisdiction

Below are the set of rules that have been made mandatory by the authorities before receiving the license:

  • Location change requires prior approval of the authorities
  • Sale policy needs to declare to the customer in detail relate to return or replacement
  • Use of the fake trademark prohibit by the law
  • Once the permit receive, the store needs to have a machine for coin operation
  • Customers should acquire invoices against the items purchased from the store
  • License and signboard need to have the same commercial name
  • The date of production and expiry must be stated clearly on the product
  • The print of price on each product must be clearly visible
  • A permit needs to obtain for carrying out business even after 12 am
  • For security and safety purposes it is necessary to obtain a trademark that registers with the Ministry of Economy

There are various other related rules to carry out the grocery store business in Dubai. We help our clients to set up the business, find a location, acquire a license and stay well-versed with the rules and regulations of this business.

For more information please contact us on +971 55 6070 118 or request a free consultation with our team. We are always here to help you.


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